Women wigs Models

The female systems created by NewLacecu are really a lot. In the proposed section below, you can see some of the best-selling women wigs models. Contact us if you are looking for something else, surely we have it. In fact, we produce more than 3000 different types of bases for women’s hair systems.


Best-selling system in the world that allows you to integrate your survivors hair to those of the prosthesis without having to shave.
This system is sold by other companies for more than 8000 EUR, we sell it for a fraction of the price, and we believe we have the best hair and processing.
It sticks with clips or with keratin.

Silk System

It’s a system in lace and it sticks with clips on survivors hair that should not be shaved.

Women Wigs Models
newlacecu Microline System
newlacecu Silk System
newlacecu Silk System

Total System in Lace

Total prosthesis allow to shroud the whole head of the customer. Suitable for cases of alopecia universalis, chemotherapy, or simply when the girls want to cover their hairs that is not to their taste. The effect will be totally natural, you could swim, play sports and also make a horsetail.

full lace wigs

Wig with Front in Lace

Cheaper Total prosthesis with front in lace and rest of the material made by machine.

front lace wig

newlacecu Wig with Front in Lace

Wig without need of Glue

It does not need any glue or adhesive tape.

glueless wigs

Suction Cup Female Total Prosthesis

Prosthesis that creates a suction effect and requires no glues or tapes, ideal for those who do not want glues. Does not allow a front totally invisible.

Female Total Prosthesis

Total Female System with Synthetic Hair

Total prosthesis with synthetic hair and made by machine, very economical and in different cuts and lengths. You can use the hair dryer since synthetic hair used are of new generation.

Total Female System with Synthetic Hair

Total Female System with Synthetic Hair

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  1. Is this products real human donated hair with treated.
    If yes I am interested.
    Which currency you accept.

  2. How long to get a hair system for women real hair and 17inches. What is included in a system and what would be the cost. Im in Boston Massachusetts.


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