Wig for male alopecia


The wig for male alopecia is a total prosthesis with a mixed base indicated for cases of total alopecia areata, or due to medication, or even just for cases of diffuse androgenetic alopecia, in which the man does not wish to use a partial prosthesis.

Satisfaction warranty:
If you don't like the hair prosthesis, just send it back (not used or cut) and we'll refund or exchange it for you. As you prefer.


It does not require adhesives or tapes, since its base is elastic.

In the perimeter we have an invisible lace that allows a good front, behind an elastic and breathable base called weft and in the rosette area a piece of monofilament to create an invisible rosette.

The hair has a length of 10-12 centimeters, but if you do not like the style of the photo, we can cut it in the style you send us.

Shipping direct from the factory to your home is included in the price.

Choose the color you want.

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18 X 13 cm, 19 X 14 cm, 20 X 15 cm, 21 X 16 cm, 24 X 20 cm


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