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The vacuum ilace hair prosthesis is a full-on, new-generation, high-modern prosthesis.

It stands out from all the other wig for some unique and special features.

It is also a system with an invisible and impalpable front.

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If you don't like the hair prosthesis, just send it back (not used or cut) and we'll refund or exchange it for you. As you prefer.


Here there is the most modern and innovative hair-system: The Vacuum wig!  It is a unique hair-system for women that represents the Top among all other hair-systems and we can see this thanks to its incredible features.

The vacuum ilace hair prosthesis is a full-on, new-generation, high-modern prosthesis.

It stands out from all the other wig for some unique and special features.

The first and most important is that it is a self-adhesive system, which means that it remains coated without the need for glues or tapes, which make this prosthesis a unique novelty in the world market.

The most comfortable feature is that this hair-system is completely auto-adhesive, and this means that you haven’t to use any glue or tapes. This is a big news in the whole world market, the maintenances will be very easy and fast!

Another characteristic is its excellent perspiration.

It then has an industry in Ilace that ensures an excellent line effect.

It is therefore the most advanced female hair prosthesis in the market and best ever, nothing to do not only with old old Gen prostheses but even with the most advanced systems in lace, or lace wigs.

Suitable for all women with total alopecia or alopecia determined by medications.

Another majestic feature is that the hair is an Euro 3 and this certifies the high quality of the hair!


The hair-system is realized in Ilace, a super light and modern material that ensures a lot of benefits:


Thanks to this new and wonderful material you will have:

  1.  A very comfortable and invisible front, and thanks to this, the natural effect will be extraordinary. Nobody could never discover your little secret
  2.  The ilace ensures a perfect transpiration, so your skin will be completely free to breath in a very natural way
  3.  It is such a soft material that it seems a second skin, you won’t feel anything strange and it will be the perfect solution even if you have a very sensitive skin. This is a very comfortable and soft base.
  4.  The ilace will create an excellent line effect

Therefore, it is the most advanced hair-system for women, it could never be compared with the Old generation hair-prothesis but the Vacuum wig can only be the most advanced hair-system in lace!

It is a fantastic solution for all kind of women alopecia, including the alopecia caused by some treatments.

For a perfect adhesion, you should shave your head.

Customize your new Vacuum Wig in ilace, match your preferences in the options and you will get an absolutely wonderful and tailored hair-system!

The highest quality at a low price!

See the ripples by clicking here

Take measurements by getting help from this image


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total hair systems

2 reviews for Vacuum wig whit ilace top

  1. 5 out of 5


    Its awesome.. i loved it i am purchasing one More for my friend

  2. 5 out of 5


    I did not imagine that there was such a sophisticated and modern product, at an extraordinary price then! So far I have spent a lot of money trying to solve my alopecia without succeeding. Now, however, thanks to this very serious company, I was able to solve the problem once and for all. In fact, on the website I purchased this wonderful product, very light and comfortable with exceptional quality. The hair is very soft and very beautiful, you can choose and customize it as you prefer. I have chosen a range of topline hair, a magnificent and very natural color that never fades. I was even able to choose the hair crease that I preferred, sweet and simple, a barely visible wave. Based on the measurements of my head I chose a medium capillary system that fits me perfectly. I am very happy, the front is very light, invisible and lets my skin breathe freely without irritating it. I am very satisfied and thank Newlacecu for the great assistance he has given me. Excellent product

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