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High quality wig, self-adhesive total denture with Russian-certified hair-vacuum wig.

The hair has got a fixed length, 60 cm for a super-natural look.

Satisfaction warranty:
If you don't like the hair prosthesis, just send it back (not used or cut) and we'll refund or exchange it for you. As you prefer.


Are you tired to look for a good  and undetectable solution for your woman-alopecia? Here there is just the perfect answer to your matter: A very nice and comfortable hair-vacuum wig!

This beautiful hair-system is composed by a bright Russian-certified virgin  hair, so it has got a certified origin that enhance its special and high quality. The hair has got the cuticle and this is another high quality feature.

You will get a lot of incredible features, for example it is a completely auto-adhesive hair-system so you can avoid some boring and long maintenance. This is the first sticker system in the world, so it won’t be necessary to use any glue or tapes.

The base is realized thanks to the fusion of the best materials in the world market so you will get some incredible benefits that are ensured by this basis fusion such as: a completely invisible front: thanks to the Lace that is a wonderful and innovative component we use to realize the front, you will have an extraordinary natural effect , it will be just like to have back your own hair also because the Lace is a very light material that is like a second skin. Thanks to its lightness, our skin is completely free to breath. But  thanks you will also have some other benefits such as a very strong resistance and a long duration.

The hair has got a fixed length, 60 cm for a super-natural look.

Total prosthetic prosthesis, with hair of Russian origin.

It is the first total sticker system in the world, with invisible front and perspiration.

Its mix of bases ensures what has always been sought in a total prosthesis: the auto-adhesion that avoids boring maintenance, the invisible frontal and perspiration, making the system in question the top of the world market today.

The prosthesis in Hair Vacuum is also the first stock with Russian hair certified, therefore Remy hair of Russian donors, with intact cuticle.


Choose and customize your new Vacuum wig: There are many natural colors such as light- mixed blond or a beautiful light mixed brown you can see all colors in the images in the gallery.

 The highest quality at a low price, this beautiful wig is in a discounted offer of 50%.


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2 reviews for Vacuum wig (Russian hair) – The Ferrari of the wigs

  1. 5 out of 5


    Wonderful wonderful system…i love it ?

  2. 5 out of 5


    What wonderful hair, this prosthesis is magnificent! And it also has an extraordinary price! I customized the capillary system by choosing a size that fits me perfectly. I chose a not too high hair density to get a totally natural effect. The color I have chosen is wonderful, it never fades and gives me a very elegant look. I am very satisfied with this beautiful wig and now I can choose any type of hairstyle thanks to its spectacular adherence and lightness. Its front is completely invisible giving me a very natural effect. I am very satisfied and recommend this wonderful product.

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