Total hair replacement system in revolutionary synthetic fiber

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A beautiful hand made hair-system composed by a fantastic synthetic fiber.

This is a very big news of the 2020 market!

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This super synthetic fiber ensures a very long duration, so it is a very strong hair! The system also ensures a completely invisible front and an excellent line.

The system is very light and it gives you a super-natural effect. Your skin will be free to breath

Total hair replacement system in synthetic fiber made by hand.

The total hand-made super fiber prosthesis is a novelty of the 2018 market.

All handmade ensures an invisible front and an excellent line.

The base is totally breathable and very light, unique in the world of synthetic prostheses that are often heavy and machine-made.

The reconstruction of the front line is very natural.

This female total hair prosthesis is very light and, although made of synthetic fiber, it is all handmade.

The used fiber allows any combing and use of the hair and the bridge

This revolutionary fiber will allow you to choose any combing your prefer.

The production time is 40 days

If you choose a long or a short hair-dress, the cost won’t change!! Try it!

You can have a system in the new fiber that lasts years and does not lose quality or color.

It is a unique product between hair prostheses in synthetic hair since it uses a revolutionary fiber in everything identical to human hair and is made entirely by hand.

The cost does not vary if you take long or short hair, as it is synthetic fiber

See the ripples by clicking here

4 reviews for Total hair replacement system in revolutionary synthetic fiber

  1. 5 out of 5


    I finally finished the chemotherapy but my external image was damaged .. I lost my beautiful natural hairdress because of the treatment .. once I came back home I started looking for an effective solution to be able to resume my life in a peaceful way. Thanks to the company Newlacecu I found an excellent product of the highest quality that I could customize as I preferred. I chose an elegant and very natural color 14, I also chose an” European curl” ripple. I was pleasantly surprised when I took the system out of the box and saw the excellent quality of the hair and base: the hair is shiny and soft, the front is completely invisible and the hair color never fades and even after numerous maintenance the system remains as new. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I advise.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I love my new style! I thank Newlacecu so much that gave me a Wonderfull product with the highest quality! For me it was my first capillary prosthesis and I sincerely feared that it would have been annoying or something like that .. I was also afraid of being mocked by the others but the desire to solve this unpleasant situation was stronger so, on the Newlacecu website I chose this system. Naturally I customized what would have been my new hairstyle and when the system arrived home I was very surprised: the hair is very soft, of the highest quality, the base is strong but it isn’t absolutely annoying, its material is very soft and also simple to clean. The front is totally invisible and light! I’m very satisfied !!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Excellent product! I was looking for a similar system! After finishing the chemo-therapy I dedicated myself to the search for a non-invasive or chemical solution to get back a thick hair .. I absolutely had to have back a dignified aspect and by doing a thorough search on the web I managed to find the Newlacecu site. I was impatient and curious and this system interested me immediately. I chose 60 cm of beautiful wavy synthetic blonde hair. In a few days the system has arrived and the synthetic hair is incredibly beautiful and soft! The system has a very long life, precisely because the hair is synthetic and of the highest quality. The base has given me a very natural effect! I am very happy, I recommend it to all women!

  4. 5 out of 5


    I can say that this is truly a revolutionary capillary system. I chose a European curl wig and it is truly magnificent! Her hair expresses a very high quality, it is incredibly soft and shiny and in addition I was able to choose a wonderful and very natural color, the 8 that never fades even after numerous maintenance. The natural effect is incredible, once I wear my new system absolutely nothing is noticed and the base is not uncomfortable but soft and elastic as well as ensuring a solid hold. I am very happy and recommend this incredible product!

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