Pony Tail Hair Extension

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100gr tail in real European hair, to always have a long and beautiful hair.
Directly from factory to your home.

Satisfaction warranty:
If you don't like the hair prosthesis, just send it back (not used or cut) and we'll refund or exchange it for you. As you prefer.


This is a delicious Hair Extension, it is perfect for all women who wish a long and beautiful hair!
It is a brilliant pony tail that will give you a wonderful, elegant but neat hair. You can choose your favorite combing such as an elegant pony tail, that will give you a sure appearance.

With its 100gr of weight, this Hair Extension will also ensure you the best quality of the world market. In fact it is a special Hair Extension composed by a majestic and very soft European Hair.
This is a certified origin which is very important because it influences the duration of the Hair Extension, with an European hair, the duration of the Hair Extension will be longer because its origin enhance the high quality of the Hair.

Choose your favorite color among many natural colors, tell us your favorite one in the options! You can customize the Hair Extension as you prefer, all colors lengths and lines are available.
In this way you will have such a wonderful hair, just like you prefer it!

You can also choose the line of the hair: the normal line or the Top Line . Choosing a Top Line the production process will take more or less 3 months but you will have a hair Extension with the highest quality on the world market!

We directly send the Hair Extension from our factory to your home with any intermediaries and that’s why we have the lowest prices but our quality is the highest on the world market! Try it!

4 reviews for Pony Tail Hair Extension

  1. 5 out of 5

    Katie Burn

    After having had my first daughter, my hair begun to fall down. I had to do something, it was such a big shame for me! I started looking for something fit for me on the net and in this way I discovered the Newlacecu’s website. Here I finally found out the right solution for me: The Tail Hair! So, I chose the right hair-length 40 cm and a brilliant 60 color.
    After few days the product arrived and I was very excited. The price was cheap enough and the hair was excellent and very soft. The base is very strong and even after many maintenances the color doesn’t disappear. I am very happy now, it was exactly the right choice. Thank you very much.

  2. 5 out of 5


    By the age of 43 my hair started to get thin and thin and to become damaged , shorter and frizzy. I tried to fortify the hair with some lotions and medications but I didn’t get any effect. I was sad and downcast and doing a last quick search on the internet I accidentally found the Newlacecu site. Among so many products, I managed to find this portentous extention. After reading the description and characteristics of this product, a great hope had spread in my heart and so I decided to buy the extension. In the options I was able to insert all the features that I liked most including a beautiful intense black color, an average length and even the type of hair: I chose a topline range and a really “TOP” extension arrived. The hair is of excellent quality, soft and beautiful. I can choose any type of hairstyle from the ponytail to the hair combed back. I am very happy, now I have a good hair !!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I was tired of having short hair and with a very low density, the other girls all have beautiful long hair and I felt uncomfortable, I was ashamed of this situation. I confided in my best friend who immediately recommended your reliable company to me. On the site I then discovered this beautiful extention that was right for me. I didn’t waste time, the opportunity to change my look and lifestyle was too big. So I customized my extention and ordered it. After a short time the extension arrived home. What extraordinary hair! The quality of the hair is very high, the hair is soft and very beautiful. I have chosen a beautiful color 144 that never fades over time and that gives me a very natural effect. Very easy to apply too. Furthermore, I chose a range of normal hair which is European and for me it already represents a high quality certificate, a guarantee. Now I am very happy, and I can choose all hairstyles I prefer and I can also practice any sport freely. Hooray!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Sira reinmal

    I recently ordered this comfortable extention since my hair has always been too damaged and too delicate to let it grow like this, I chose an extension. But I must say that this is not just any extension, its quality in fact far exceeds that of the other extentions that I have tried so far and also has a much lower price! I chose a topline hair range to make sure I get only the best. There are many colors and they are all very natural. It was difficult to choose but in the end I chose a very nice light red that gives a very special light to my face. Now I’m finally free to have beautiful 50cm long hair. The very high quality of the hair and its softness and brightness are incredible! I’m very satisfied

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