Super strong hair prosthesis medium brown


Great prosthesis if you are looking for long lasting durability and want to comb forward covering the front perimeter.

It is similar to the old contact hair .

Satisfaction warranty:
If you don't like the hair prosthesis, just send it back (not used or cut) and we'll refund or exchange it for you. As you prefer.


Many systems available in immediate shipment

Standard size 24 cm by 20 cm

The system is super strong very similar in durability to an older contact hair prosthesis, known as cnc

The base consists of a strong npu perimeter and a soft, breathable, durable monofilament center

The prosthesis has a high-quality European-made monofilament, so it is invisible yet durable.

The hair is individually hand-knotted by our skilled workers .

The advantages of this hair system are many because it is easy to use, ensures breathability and has a really durable perimeter, perfect who wants a long lasting prosthesis.

You can swim, play sports, comb your hair as you want.

This is a hair prosthesis that you can find in other stores in lower quality and at duplicate prices, while in this offer you can get it for only 99 euros including postage

The hair is beautiful, soft and fluffy, suitable for European wearers and lasting well and long over time.

This is a durable hair system .

A great option if you suffer from androgenetic alopecia or some other form of alopecia, from autoimmune such as areata to psychological or traction alopecia.

Immediate shipping and included in the price !


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