Strong Hair Patch

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It guarantees a long life and perspiration with a non-invisible and strong hair patch.
Beautifully handmade 5-star hair patch, with a single insert, thick and resistant.

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Satisfaction warranty:
If you don't like the hair prosthesis, just send it back (not used or cut) and we'll refund or exchange it for you. As you prefer.


24 x 20cm hair prosthesis with monofilament center and reinforced polyurethane perimeter.
It guarantees a long life and perspiration with a non-invisible and strong hair patch.
Beautifully handmade 5-star hair patch, with a single insert, thick and resistant.
  • Hair length: Between 12 and 15cm.


3 reviews for Strong Hair Patch

  1. 5 out of 5


    I never imagined that I could find such a good prosthesis! Just three months ago I didn’t know how I had to do to solve the problem of my annoying alopecia .. I was afraid I could never find a solution and I had even interrupted my studies in fear of being laughed at by the other students. In my heart I knew that I couldn’t continue to live in fear and I couldn’t give up my future for it and so I started looking for an effective solution on websites .. after seeing and reading many experiences of other people with my same problem in a forum I was able to learn about the Newlacecu site and how superior it was .. intrigued I went to the company website and here I started looking for the right product. I knew exactly what to choose, I wanted a strong system and I finally found it. My expectations were not disappointed at all, when the capillary system arrived I saw that the hair was beautiful and a sense of tranquility and satisfaction took hold of me. Now I am happy and satisfied, the system is strong and resistant also suitable for beginners. Hair has never lost its beautiful color and the effect is completely natural thanks to its invisible front. I am very satisfied, thanks I recommend it

  2. 5 out of 5


    I always believed that wearing a wig was a reason for derision, that the wig could bother me and that they did not have a good fit. For this reason I never wanted to try to buy a hair prosthesis .. then I tried to follow a pharmacological treatment that slowed down my hair a bit but didn’t solve the problem. In fact, my hair loss continued .. I was sad and I didn’t know how to do it also because a surgical operation frightened me … then talking to my barber, I then learned of the Newlacecu company. I contacted the company asking for more information and the professionalism and friendliness that was shown to me was incredible! All the production processes of the systems have been explained to me with patience and I understood that these were modern and latest generation systems. Intrigued, I went to have a look on their website. I immediately liked this capillary system and, since now my doubts had been clarified, I decided to buy the system. After customizing my system by choosing the 7 # color and a slightly wavy ripple, I ordered the system. This was a true evolution of my way of thinking because the prosthesis has denied all my preconceptions, and just as they had said to Newlacecu, the system has excellent quality both the hair that is very soft and very beautiful, and the base that is very resistant. I have owned the system for a month now, I can do any type of activity and the prosthesis is not damaged and above all it has a very strong adhesion. The beautiful color never fades. I am satisfied and now I have finally found that solution that I was afraid of never finding. Thanks Newlacecu, I recommend this beautiful product

  3. 5 out of 5


    When I found out I was suffering from alopecia, I was very disappointed .. my appearance would have been irreparably damaged. I had just got engaged and certainly I would never have allowed a stupid scalp pathology to change my life. So, I started surfing the internet looking for solutions by chance, I came across an article that explained every single aspect of this pathology. I now had the clearest ideas and reading I understood that it was some explanations and explanations that gave this company, Newlacecu. Looking for solutions, I happened on their site. So I took the opportunity to also take a look at their products: and here it is, the solution I was looking for! This beautiful capillary system seemed to be waiting for me. With great enthusiasm and hope, I customized my new system by choosing my favorite color, an intense black. In this way I was also able to choose straight hair. I also wanted to add a percentage of white hair for an even more natural effect. I was very happy when I saw that the hair is beautiful, soft and shiny. I was also very happy with the base which ensures a very natural effect thanks to its completely invisible front. This is a system that has incredible resistance but also very soft to the touch and respects the skin, does not irritate it and lets it breathe out in a completely natural way. I am very proud and satisfied. I recommend this product!

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