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Russian Hair Prosthesis

5.00 out of 5
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The first male prosthesis with certified Russian hair: The best in the world market! In half-injected skin with a totally handmade work.

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With this hair system you will have the best hair, with a perfect injection and a good lasting base.

• Production time will take a period of 3 months
• Immediate shipping from our factory to your home, without intermediaries!

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0086 133 755 86492

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3 reviews for Russian Hair Prosthesis

  1. 5 out of 5


    Today I am a new man, thanks to the capillary prosthesis I have acquired much more confidence in myself and for this I want to thank the Newlacecu company for selling me a very high quality system. When I found out that I had total alopecia, it was really a tragedy for me, because I knew it would get worse and worse. I knew that my external image was all for my way of life, as a university teacher I had to set a good example and I could not show myself with a scruffy look. By documenting myself, I found out that the Newlacecu company was the best in the field and so I didn’t waste time and I immediately went to the site. Here I found this splendid product whose price, however, initially raised some doubts about the quality of the hair. So I wrote an email to the company and I was explained everything, the origin of the hair, the injection of the hair in the base everything. So I bought the system and, now I know, I couldn’t make a better choice: the hair is really of the highest quality, soft and shiny. The base is also very comfortable, I don’t feel any kind of annoyance. I am very satisfied!

    • administrator

      wooow thank you Robert

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have never seen a hair of such a high quality before! And with certified origin! If someone had come to tell me I would certainly have laughed. I would not have even imagined the existence of such a beautiful and modern hair system and even if it had been there I thought it would have cost a fortune. Instead I was very wrong, after discovering this fantastic company I was very happy to order my hair system here because it is a professional, very kind company that ensures excellent assistance for any type of need. I immediately liked its very natural color and so I ordered this wonderful system. The very soft hair gives me a completely natural effect and its totally invisible front ensures me comfort, resistance and a long life of the prosthesis itself. I can say I am very satisfied. I recommend this system

  3. 5 out of 5


    the natural effect of this prosthesis is surprising! The quality-price ratio is also excellent because at a very accessible price I managed to bring home a modern capillary system, of the latest generation! Now I have a totally new look that makes me even younger. The hair is very soft and of high quality, and ensures me a very natural look. I am very happy, the soft base makes the system completely adapt to the shape of my head. I agree that it is a very resistant capillary system that allows me to play sports and take any position. Maintenance is also very simple to carry out. Yes, yes, I recommend the Russian hair prosthesis

    • administrator

      thank you very much to your rewiev 🙂

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