Prosthetic Eyebrows for Women (alopecia areata)


Full handmade Prosthetic Eyebrows por women with real natural hair, handmade on an invisible base that will not be discovered even from close distance.

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Satisfaction warranty:
If you don't like the hair prosthesis, just send it back (not used or cut) and we'll refund or exchange it for you. As you prefer.


Prosthetic eyebrows are a 100% natural solution to solve the problem of falling eyebrows. Unfortunately, with alopecia areata, in addition to hair loss, eyebrows fall out, causing a truly traumatic aesthetic change for those affected by this pathology.

The absence of hair on the eyebrows can also be due to other causes, such as excessive use of tweezers or different eyebrow designs that, in practice, cause permanent hair loss.

If you look closely at people on the street, many women (and also men) today, for one reason or another, suffer from eyebrow loss. A face without eyebrows and with eyebrows changes a lot, and that is why all these people look for the best solution to solve their aesthetic problem.

Currently, most people resort to microblading or eyebrow tattooing. What is microblading? Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that can reconstruct the eyebrow shape.

It is good for those with sparse eyebrows and blemishes of any kind, but this solution is painful, requires a few sessions every few months, is very expensive, and does not 100% solve the aesthetic problem, since the effect will always be two-dimensional.

With prosthetic eyebrows or eyebrow prostheses, on the other hand, you will have the hairs attached to the arch of the eyebrows backwards, achieving three-dimensional and totally natural eyebrows.

The base is formed by a transparent and opaque membrane that disappears on contact with the skin and allows the effect of natural eyebrows. Our eyebrows allow the reacquisition of the old physiognomy, giving whoever wears them a happy and peaceful life.

How long do eyebrow implants last?

It depends on your skill, but calculate that despite being very thin and invisible they are a long-lasting system. In fact, if you are careful you can use them from 8 to 16 months.

How are prosthetic eyebrows placed?

It is very easy, you pass a little glue on the base, dry it with a hair dryer and then proceed to adhere the false eyebrows to the arch of the eyebrow.

Are false eyebrows natural or are they noticeable?

Natural hair false eyebrows are completely natural and invisible, so it is impossible for even an expert eye to notice them. Therefore, they are the perfect solution for the problem of alopecia.

How are eyebrow prostheses maintained?

Cleaning the base of the false eyebrows is very simple. Every 15 days they will have to be removed from the face and it is enough to use the fingertip to clean them, since the glue will remain attached to it.

Eyebrow implants VS eyebrow tattoo. Pros and cons

Don’t know which one to choose between the two? Eyebrow implants are more natural, cheaper, and painless! For its part, microblading is like a tattoo, so if you don’t like the shapes of your eyebrows, you will have to keep them until it is erased.

  • On the other hand, microblading does not require cleaning every 15 days, but it does require touching up from time to time.
  • Our eyebrow prostheses are in different colors and sizes.
  • They are an essential product for those who suffer from alopecia universalis or have suffered burns or other pathologies that affect the arch of the eyebrow.
  • The eyebrow prostheses are manufactured on a very fine polyurethane base, on which the hairs are injected one by one, achieving a truly impressive effect in terms of quality.
  • At Newlacecu we have the best false eyebrows or eyebrow prostheses in the world.
  • We recommend placing them with a water-based glue, which will allow a strong fixation and opacity.


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