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Hair Prosthesis Lace-Pu Color 1B



Hair Prosthesis Lace-Pu Color 1B is on offer for only 129 euros.
Shipping included.
Many systems available for immediate delivery.
Standard measures 24 cm by 20 cm.
The polyurethane of the horseshoe is trimmable and transparent.
The prosthesis has a high quality socket of European production, therefore, it is invisible but resistant at the same time.

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Our skilled workers individually knot the hair by hand.
This skin patch has a perfectly invisible front.
Its advantages are many because it is easy to use, ensures breathability and has a totally invisible perimeter.
You can swim, play sports, comb your hair as you like. It is a hair prosthesis that you find in other stores in lower quality and at duplicate prices the hair is beautiful, fluffy and soft.
It is a resistant hair system and at the same time totally invisible.
A great option if you suffer from androgenic alopecia or any other form of alopecia, from autoimmune such as areata to psychological or traction.
Immediate delivery and included in the price!


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