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Greater durability (8 months, a year) invisibility front good but not perfect.

More information about color selection.

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Australia Easy (Indian hair)

The skin is also called PU, in correct terms its definition is polyurethane, a polymer similar to a soft plastic.

The medium knotted skin has a great durability (8 months/one year), a good frontal invisibility, which will allow combing even partially backwards and a very good adhesion.

These systems are very easy to clean and suitable for those who do not want very complicated maintenance, also allow a much stronger adhesion of other bases so they are ideal for athletes.

The skin color is transparent and disappears in contact with the wearer’s skin.

The hair is Indian remy with cuticle

All available colors

can also require percentage of white hair. Below 40% will be synthetic, above 40% will be human.

Hair length approx. 15 cm.

Density 100-110%

Available only with straight hair.

Measures 24 cm for 20 cm.

Send in 20-25 days from the time of payment.

3 reviews for Australia Easy

  1. 5 out of 5


    8 months ago purchased the middle knotted skin capillary. On the company website I was able to customize my system and choose the color I wanted among many natural colors. I chose a beautiful color 4ASH and a cute wavey ondulation. When the system arrived home I touched my hair and saw that it was of the highest quality: very soft, shiny and I was impressed by the fact that the color does not fade during the time and it remains as new. The system has a long life and is very strong. I am very happy and satisfied, I recommend it.

  2. 5 out of 5

    George Mcallister

    On my sister’s advice, I convinced myself to purchase the Partial stock prothesis in knotted middle skin. I couldn’t have made a better decision! I ordered the system choosing a wonderful color 18, I preferred the a straight hair. I didn’t imagine it was such a strong and long lasting system! In addition, the hair is really beautiful, bright and even after several maintenance always remain as new, shiny and colorful. It is a system that does not require glue and its cleaning is very simple to do.
    Now thanks to this modern and beautiful system I have a different and much happier life.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Excellent capillary system because it is easy to use, very invisible and with great quality hair.
    I can only be happy with the toupees received and thank the company.
    Definitely the best of all those tried in these 20 years of capillary prosthesis.
    Happy customer

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