Partial Prosthesis Female Top Closure Cover for Androgenic Alopecia

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An incredible Top Closure partial hair-system composed by European hair. It is perfect to cover an Androgenic Alopecia!

With a very invisible front, this system will ensure you a natural look and your skin will be free to breath thanks to its light and soft material!

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The hair is injected in the base one by one with a very meticulous work.

You can choose among a lot of natural colors which are all available.

The hair has a density of 110 ( but in 3 days we can remove 30% or we can add a higher density,
just choose).
You can personalize your new hair-system, put all features you wish for your prothesis in the
options and we will realize it!
We send the hair-system in 10-15 days starting from the moment of the payment.
We ensure you the highest quality at a low price!

Partial female Prosthesis to Cover Androgenic Alopecia

European hair.
Measures 9.5 cm by 9.5 cm.
All colors available.
Density 110 (In 3 days we can take 30% or add up to 30% more)
Sending in 10-15 days from the time of payment.

See the ripples by clicking here

4 reviews for Partial Prosthesis Female Top Closure Cover for Androgenic Alopecia

  1. 5 out of 5


    For several years I have always worn old generation prosthesis and my activities were very limited .. but now it’s time to change, it’s time to try a solution that is more modern and comfortable. I did some research and I found Newlacecu company’s website .. among the products I found the top closure partial prosthesis. I was immediately interested. In the options I customized the prosthesis: I chose an intense black that brings out the blue of my eyes. I love long hair ,so I chose a length of 60 cm and a density of 100-110 to obtain an even more natural effect. There are some different types of ripple, and thanks to the help of the photos that Newlacecu published I chose a “Strip body curl”. Logically I wanted the best and I wanted to have a really wonderful new hairdress so I chose a type of hair “Topline”. I was not at all disappointed in fact, when the system arrived I immediately noticed the very high quality of this product: the base is strong, the hair is very soft, deliciously long and shiny. Now 3 months have passed and I can say that when I wear the system I feel nothing, I am very free and there is no comparison with the old gen systems. The skin transpires and the system is completely invisible. It’s just like getting your hair back. I’m very satisfied!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Great! I finally have a beautiful and all new hairstyle. In fact, for a long time I wanted to totally change my appearance, that annoying alopecia caused me numerous hairless patches and I was tired of using chemical solutions that were harmful to my skin. So I decided to buy a capillary system and solve the problem .. but I should have found the right hair-system. By continuing to search on the net I found the Newlacecu site and here I chose this wonderful system. I chose an average length, 40 cm and a beautiful and natural color 2, and a hair density of 120-130. When the system arrived home, it was exactly as I dreamed of , perfectly personalized and with a very high quality hair. The color never fades and the base is very strong and resistant. I am very satisfied, I got a very high quality system at an affordable price! Thank you!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Excellent, excellent! I am absolutely thrilled! I can’t believe it, only two months ago my androgenetic alopecia made my life impossible, making me blush with shame every time I went out .. now I was able to get rid of this embarrassing problem once and for all and I owe everything to this incredible system. Of course I customized the capillary with my personal preferences and when the system arrived home I was very happy, the hair was of a surprising and very high quality, very soft and bright. I did not expect such a high quality at a low price .. the base is also very comfortable and its front gives me a very natural look. Excellent, I recommend it!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Very modern capillary system! I am very happy with my purchase, thanks to this fabulous capillary system I was able to brilliantly solve the problem of my alopecia areata which created a very strong embarrassment for me. Now my look is all natural, and it has allowed me to have a beautiful image of myself. Her beautiful hair is of the highest quality, and the base is soft, comfortable and elastic which adapts very well to the shape of my head. With a topline range I obtained an extraordinary hair and the beautiful color 1b that I chose expresses all its naturalness and never fades. I chose a wavy hair 50 cm long. I am happy, very much. Maintenance is also simple and fast and its front is so invisible that nobody noticed anything and my skin breathes freely. Yuppy!

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