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Partial Hair replacement system for Male in Stock Swiss Lace (European Hair)

5.00 out of 5
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The lace more invisible in the world market.

More information about color selection.

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Partial Hair Prosthesis for Male in Stock Swiss Lace

Swiss Lace

The Swiss Lace is the most invisible of the international market, built on a base of untouchable grid and, is totally original.

Natural hair with European Origin certificate

The hair of this stock prosthesis is certified from Europe.

Remy typology

The type REMY means that each hair is taken keeping the growing direction allowing a very soft and natural hair, without dots or too much dry effect.

This technique is used in Newlacecu hair pieces, a modern solution that you will not find in other places.

Customize completely your prosthesis

All the colors on the pictures are available on stock.

This stock will remain, making us a reliable provider for your hair piece or for your clients!

You can add a percentage of white hair (less than 40% will be synthetic and more of 40% will be human). Some  white hair will make the piece more realistic and natural.

Length of this prosthesis: 15 cm.

Density 100-110%, but we can add or deduct density as your specifications (it will take less than a week).

Shape of the hair: can be straight or wavy 3 cm

Dots perfectly whitened at the forehead so guaranteed that the forehead will be totally invisible and not perceptible at all, same as a natural real forehead.

Double and slightly whitened on the rest of the prosthesis, ensuring a strong and long live system.

Size: 24 cm by 20 cm, that you can cut later to your exactly measures, so you can adapt it to your specific alopecia case.

Sending: 10 to 15 days and directly from the factory to your home. No intermediaries!

4 reviews for Partial Hair replacement system for Male in Stock Swiss Lace (European Hair)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Really a wonderful hair system…honestly to me the best ever.

  2. 5 out of 5


    this hair prosthesis is very beautiful. In addition to disappearing, the base transpires perfectly, the hair is also of excellent quality and the front is completely invisible.
    I am very happy with the purchase and recommend Newlacecu to everyone.

  3. 5 out of 5


    My alopecia areata became a real nightmare, leaving home represented an obstacle because I was afraid that I could be mockedt … I didn’t go out with my friends anymore. One day my wife said to me: “Enough, you can’t go on like this anymore George, you have to react, you never let yourself get knocked down by nothing” in fact, I had to react at all costs. So I started looking on internet for some solutions that were right for me and on the Newlacecu website I found this amazing product. I customized my system and chose a 3 cm wavy hair. I congratulate the company also for the very fast delivery times, within a few days my system has arrived: the hair is beautiful, soft and of the highest quality. I am very surprised, I didn’t think such a cheap system could have such a high quality. If I look in the mirror I see that the system gives me a completely natural effect thanks to its invisible front. I am really very happy and satisfied, now my life is finally more dynamic! I advise.

  4. 5 out of 5

    alan barton

    Just received this system in the mail today and i am blown away by the quality of the actual hair used in the system, its very very good.. i was a little worried it would not live up to the expectation that it is ACTUAL european hair, as i have ordered other systems from other companies that promise european hair but got indian hair which where about alittle cheaper , at first the hair feels ok but then gets very dry, this hair is definately european hair, its super soft, have a lovely flow to it, and i hope that it will be just a good after a few washes, i am installing the system in a few days and excited to try it out… i MAY of found my new supplier for hair systems if this one lives up to my expectations on the hair quality .. i am definately hoping so .. 🙂

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