Partial Female Hairsystem with Stripe

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Ideal for androgenic alopecia cases, we present this new female system with stripe for a greater density, avoiding to having shave, completely covering the baldness.

A fully hand-made insertion hair can be place in a few seconds with clips (or tape if you shave).

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A very soft black woman hair composes this beautiful Partial Hair Prosthesis! This is a wonderful hair patch that will ensure you a very nice look and it will completely cover all kind of patches.
In fact it is an high quality Hair Prosthesis that is perfect for all kind of androgenic alopecia cases.

The base is composed by our softest materials, a Remy cuticle that certifies the high quality of the Hair and thank to them your new Hair Prosthesis will completely cover the baldness.

You can fix you new Partial Hair-prosthesis just using some clips or a tape if you want to shave your hair.

With a patient and accurate work, we realize the insertion of the hair by hand.

This new woman hair system has got the stripe and you will have the security of a thick and wonderful hair-system!

You won’t have to shave, you will get back a very nice hair without annoying treatments!!

The measures are: 14×13 cm, 16x14cm and 20x18cm.

You can customize your New Hair Prosthesis, put all your preferences in the options and lets make your fantastic and new Hair Prosthesis just following your directions.

You will exactly have the Hair you always dreamed of!

There are some colors in stock ( it means these colors are immediately available) such as 1B, 2 and 3. You can also choose another color , in this case the production time will take 3 months.

We immediately send the Hair-Patch from our factory to your home.

Choose your favorite Hair-Patch, we ensure you high quality at a low price!!

• Hair with Remy cuticle
• Measures: 14 x 13cm / 16 x 14cm / 20 x 18cm
• Immediate shipping from our factory to your home

** Colors in stock 1B, 2 and 3 (if you want to choose another color, the production time will take a 3 months period).

4 reviews for Partial Female Hairsystem with Stripe

  1. 5 out of 5

    Claire Johnson $:)

    Some time ago I bought the Black Lace Wig directly from the company website. Well structured website that allowed me to customize my wig and to make it perfect, with the hair length that I have always dreamed of, 40 cm, I inserted the majestic color 10 in the options. After a few days the system arrived and .. wonder! The hair is beautiful, the base is strong and it has an excellent adhesion even without using any glue or tapes. So far I have done 3 maintenance and I must say that the hair has not lost even a little color, they are like new. The system is very comfortable and completely invisible, even my relatives have not noticed the news. I’m very happy! Thanks Newlacecu

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is the most resistant hair prosthesis i have ever seen! 3 months ago I bought this wonderful partial hair prosthesis in order to finally solve my alopecia which caused me a strong stress due to some guys who stared at me and chuckled because of the hairless areas on my head .. I tried several treatments but they were only too expensive and ineffective. I closed myself to the world and I felt depressed, I didn’t know what to do until I talked about it with my aunt. “The Newlacecu company is the best ever” she advised me your company in this way so I immediately went to the site. Among many products, I was able to find exactly what I needed : the female prosthesis with strip. Being my first capillary system I knew that I needed exactly this type of system, which was very strong and resistant. Without waiting any longer I customized my system, choosing a warm brown color, I also chose a soft curly hair and for convenience and simplicity I chose to fix the capillary system with some clips. After a few days the system arrived: a system with fantastic, very soft and high quality hair! The bright color and the completely invisible front give me a very natural look! I am very happy, the system has a very long life and in addition I have a different look, I see myself more beautiful. I regained self-esteem. Thank you, thank you very much.

  3. 5 out of 5


    When I discovered through a dermatological visit that my hair loss was caused by alopecia areata I was very scared, I didn’t know which solution to look for and not even if there was one. Looking for material on alopecia, I discovered the newlacecu site. So I discovered that a solution to my problem existed. On the site I saw this beautiful capillary system and after personalizing my order with an average length of 40cm, I chose a color 8 bellismo that never fades. the hair is very soft, shiny and of excellent quality. the invisible front ensures me a very natural effect. Now I’m very happy and satisfied, it’s a fantastic product!

  4. 5 out of 5


    I was very impressed, this beautiful product looks a lot like my natural hair! In fact, I had started to suffer from a strange form of alopecia which, after a check, turned out to be Ophiasis alopecia. As soon as I discovered this pathology of my scalp, I tried not to lose hope and not to get depressed. Rather, I immediately looked for the solutions that were right for me. I didn’t want to resort to a transplant and so I chose to buy a wig. In the trichological center of my city I finally managed to find this fantastic capillary system of Newlacecu. After getting a little informed about the product, I went directly to the company website and there, I managed to find the wig. I immediately customized my new system by choosing a length of 40 cm and a Super Wave as a style. The color I chose was a beautiful, very natural black, identical to mine. When the system arrived home I was very happy, the hair is exactly as I expected it: Beautiful and very soft, shiny. Hair is of a very high quality. I never expected to receive such a high quality product at such an affordable price. The very natural color does not fade and the base seems tailor-made for me. It has a very strong grip and I can also play sports. I preferred to add some clips even if I don’t always put them. Nobody noticed the difference, the nature effect is guaranteed and I have finally eliminated that annoying problem of alopecia forever. And all thanks to Newlacecu

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