NewLacecu Strong and Invisible (European Hair)

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Long Duration, Good Front Invisibility.

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The strong and invisible hair prosthesis is a mixed-based, recarveable system.

It is born from a need that many customers have: a frontal with good invisibility, but a base that you resist for a long time.

In the strong and invisible we have the answer to this need.

In the field of the front we have the French lace, a base with excellent invisibility, and in the rest of the system of tires in strong polyurethane and a center in monofilament soft, both bases are of strong durability and allow a prosthesis for strong hair.

The system trichologic strong and invisible so, as its name says, is a strong and unseen hair prosthesis.

Therefore suitable for those customers who want the best in invisibility but also a long life.

Pros and Cons:


  • Stealth
  • Force
  • Perspiration


  • Touch can feel the connections of the different bases
  • The nodes of the central part are double, precisely to allow a prosthesis for hair that lasts a lot in time

Its measurements are 24 cm for 20 cm with a hair length of 12-15 cm.

The system once received at home is then cut out on your measurements.

It’s definitely a hair prosthesis to prove it could be your case.

3 reviews for NewLacecu Strong and Invisible (European Hair)

  1. 5 out of 5

    John Smith

    This is wig is so perfect. it is suitable and its fitting is very good. I recommend to all the persons to use this. it is made for all the persons which are bald and lose their hair. Thanks Newlace for this one.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I had bought this system from a well-known company in Germany, which I had seen on You Tube.
    I found the system very good both in terms of invisibility and duration, but the price of the Germans was a few thousand euros per system. I tried then after seeing a photo of the same base on instagram of newlacecu to try their system that costs much less, I am very happy with what I received. The toupees are really of excellent quality, the price really good and the service of communication and sending quickly and kindly

  3. 5 out of 5


    I am a researcher and now thanks to this fantastic prosthesis I look much more professional. I am very happy, the hair is of exceptional quality and exactly reflects my taste being European hair! I chose a color 6 that never fades even after numerous maintenance. As the description also says, it is really a strong and resistant capillary system that thanks to its mixed base ensures me many benefits: resistance, invisibility, excellent adhesion and adherence. I couldn’t be happier! I recommend it!

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