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Here there is a fantastic and New generation hair-prosthesis! The New Lace 370!!

It is a real news on the prosthesis market! It is a special hair-system that is very comfortable, soft and thanks to it you will be provided with a super natural effect, ensured by its base that is thin but strong enough to ensure you a long duration.

The base also ensures you elasticity and comfort: you won’t feel anything on your head thanks to its soft materials.

Your skin can breath in such a natural way!

Customize your new hair-system as you prefer, just match your preferences in the options and in a few days you will get a professional hair-system with all features you always dreamed of.

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New generation wig 370 a new technology that provides the customer with various advantages, perspiration, invisible front, elastic base, therefore reducing prices.

Characteristics of the new 370 lace wig

It is a total prosthesis suitable both for cases of alopecia and if you still have your hair.

The front is in totally invisible lace with perfectly bleached single knots and a natural and irregular design not only in the front but also in the sides, so as to allow you to comb your hair even with your hair all back.

Above we have lace to create a natural line, behind and on the sides elastic base handmade to avoid adhesives and reduce prices.

To finish behind lace to be able to make a high tail.

On the sides we have internal metal reinforcements to allow you greater adhesion without using adhesives.

 The technology of the 370 wig

It is a technology based on the idea of Xiu Fei Wu, the design manager of Newlacecu, and that was born from the idea of wanting to innovate a prosthesis very sold, the 360.

That’s why we called this 370 wig.

We are sure that other factories will soon imitate and copy our idea, but at the moment this base is on sale only in Newlacecu, also then with Newlacecu, even once copied you will have the quality and the work that distinguishes us and makes the best wig and hair prosthesis factory in the world.

Nuestra gama de calidades:

Para esta peluca, tenemos tres calidades a elegir

Low Line

Indian hair treated, normal general quality.
Inserted after a process that decuticulates them.
Inserted by hand without respecting the directionality.
Colored with chemical process.

Normal Line

Good quality remy hair.
Origin Italy.
Soft and shiny.
Taken respecting the directionality and then colored.
Inserted by hand into the base of the capillary system.

Top Line

Virgin remy hair of Eastern Europe origin.
Taken from donors under 35, to make them better.
The best hair, silky, soft, shiny.
Uncolored, they retain their original color.
Inserted respecting the directionality.
They remain beautiful over time.
They have a fantastic consistency and softness.

4 reviews for New lace wig 370 technology

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’m very satisfied! This is a wonderful system, the hair is very soft and beautiful !! I bought it 3 weeks ago .. as soon as I discovered that I was suffering from this annoying alopecia I immediately looked for a solution .. I couldn’t act in my film in these conditions .. looking in the web ,I found the site of the company Newlacecu .. I found many capillary systems and my attention was captured by this capillary system. With a closer look I saw the options and I immediately customized my system as I thought best: A fantastic coppery color, I also added a very gentle blow to my hair which creates a very natural effect. After a few days the system arrived home and I immediately saw the very high quality of the hair: soft, shiny! The base is super thin but very strong and ensures a very natural look thanks to its invisible effect. The skin is free to breath and even on set people didn’t notice anything. I’m very happy, now I have the hair I’ve always dreamed of!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Finally I was able to get rid of my embarrassing and annoying alopecia areata! The 370 system is an excellent product, I ordered this fantastic wig about 3 months ago: on the company’s website there are really a lot of capillary systems but I really liked this, plus I was determined to get a thick hair back and so I ordered it of course after customizing the system. I chose 45 cm in length and a very natural brown color very similar to mine. I was even able to choose the type of hair: I chose a topline. I received a “spatial” capillary system, with very high quality hair, very soft and with a light and comfortable base that ensures a completely invisible effect thanks to its front. Now I am back the happy girl of all time. Thanks Newlacecu!

  3. 5 out of 5


    thanks to this modern wig I found a perfect aesthetic aspect, absolutely wonderful. Her hair is so soft and beautiful that I got an extraordinary effect also because the hair being of the highest quality, it really looks like mine. The front is super invisible, soft which leaves my skin free to breathe. This is the most beautiful and sophisticated system I have ever purchased. Very happy.

  4. 5 out of 5


    a wonderful wig at an incredible price! I am very satisfied with the choice I made, initially I have to tell the truth I was not very convinced to buy a capillary system but then the numerous advantages of buying a wig were explained to me and then I started to inquire by going to the Newlacecu website. I then chose this fantastic wig that I could freely customize to my tastes. I went wild, for the hair I chose a length of 45cm and the very natural color 1b which gives me a very natural look and highlights my features. I chose a natural wet look and a fantastic top line that ensures me a truly superior quality. I am happy, the hair is extraordinary, beautiful and super soft. The base gives me a very natural look and disappears completely. It is a very comfortable and soft system and very easy to clean. Thanks also to its strong adherence to aerobic practice every week without fear. Excellent

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