“Love” Female Wig

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That’s an amazing hair-system! The Love Wig has a very high quality!

We used a combination of some strong and innovative materials just like the lace that ensures a natural effect and a very strong adhesion. In fact it isn’t necessary to use any tapes or glue because the capillary system is completely auto-adhesive!

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We made the perimeter in Polyurethane, a very strong material that gives a long and strong resistance.

There is an ilace middle to provide the wig with a super natural line at the top of it. We inserted ,on the back of the prothesis, a reinforcement to obtain a stronger adhesion. On the back you will find an adjustable elastic to get the maximal comfort. This is an excellent solution for all kind of alopecia! Your look will be gorgeus and there won’t be any necessity of shaving.

Customize your prosthesis and tell us your preferences.

We will directly send the product from our Factory to your home!

Total and invisible prosthesis, with automatic adhesive system that doesn’t require tapes or glue.
Perimeter polyurethane reinforcement with ilace center for a perfect line at the top of the system.
Tongue reinforcement to allow adhesion and adjustable elastic on the back of the prosthesis.
Ideal for alopecia or alopecia areata universal cases, there is no need to shave.

* It is only available in the customized production.

**Available only in customized production (the production and shipping time will take a period of 3 months).

4 reviews for “Love” Female Wig

  1. 5 out of 5


    That’s a really amazing system! For a long time I had been looking for a solution like this without ever being able to find it. But three weeks ago I discovered the Newlacecu company, and thanks to their assistance and professionalism I was able to find the system that best suits my needs the “Love” female wig. Just as the description says, this product is also suitable for universal alopecia cases as in mine. In the options of the order I was able to insert all the features that best reflected my preferences : 45 cm in length for the hair, a sweet color 3 and a Water curl ripple. I was even able to choose the hair line, a normal line. It was an emotion to remove the system from the box and see for myself the incredible quality of the hair! The hair is soft and silky and this makes the system light and natural. The base does not need any glue or adhesives because it has a very strong adhesion. Color does not go away with time. Yes, it is certainly an excellent product. Highly recommended.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I was really very surprised, it’s an exceptional capillary system. I did not expect this high quality of the whole capillary system! I had ordered the wig immediately after finding out that I was suffering from alopecia, I absolutely couldn’t afford to be seen with some patches on my head since I am a receptionist. By inquiring I discovered the newlacecu site and here I saw this beautiful wig. I customized the system by choosing a soft wave and an average hair length. In a short time the capillary system arrived and I immediately noticed the very high quality of the hair: they are very soft and shiny, beautiful. The system gives me a very natural and invisible effect. The color has never faded and maintenance is quick and easy. I’m happy, I can finally get my normal life back. Thanks Newlacecu

  3. 5 out of 5


    I was very surprised by the fantastic features of this system, from the price so low I would never have expected such an advanced system. The system has a very strong adhesion, I can do any type of activity and all without using glue therefore the skin remains smooth and clean. Hair is equally beautiful and of the highest quality! Soft and shiny they give me a super natural look. The color never fades even with the passage of time. I’m very happy!

  4. 5 out of 5


    I have never found softer and more comfortable material, I am very happy! My scalp is generally very sensitive, especially after the numerous chemical treatments that I have chosen to be able to solve the problem of total alopecia but the very soft base of the wig has completely respected my skin. In addition, following my preferences and personalizing my Love wig as I thought I was choosing a topline hair range and a very natural color, a very light brown with beautiful blonde highlights and a soft Deep Curl, I received an incredibly beautiful hair system at home and of the highest quality. The hair is beautiful !! Now I have a very natural look, the front of the wig is completely invisible! I also recommend this beautiful product because it is cheap but of the highest quality

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