Los Angeles Hair System

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It’s a hair prosthesis very easy to clean and use, suitable for those who want simple maintenance.

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24 x 20cm hair prosthesis with 12 to 15cm length. 5-star hair: The best in the world market! With colors and lasting softness.
This product has a mixed base, with npu reinforcements, monotransparent center and polyurethane front: Ensures a long life and good breathability.
It’s a hair prosthesis very easy to clean and use, suitable for those who want simple maintenance.
  • Long Hair: 12 to 15cm
  • The production time will take a period of 3 months
  • Immediate shipment from our factory to your home (Without intermediaries!)

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Straight, Wavey 3 cm

3 reviews for Los Angeles Hair System

  1. 5 out of 5

    Robert 2

    That’s a really fantastic product! Thanks to this hair- system I was finally able to get back a very natural effect hair! My life had never been the same since my hair loss was accentuated, I was also ashamed to leave the house. I didn’t want and I couldn’t continue like this. So i looked for some different solutions which, however, were expensive and ineffective. Continuing to look for a more effective solution I found the newlacecu site .. I chose my new capillary prosthesis which I immediately liked. A few days after the order, my new system arrived and with great emotion I was able to see the very high quality of the hair, completely similar to mine. The base is very soft and comfortable and it is a very resistant system, its color has never faded and in addition it has an excellent adhesion, I continue to play sports without problems. I am very happy, it is an excellent quality system!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I am very happy, this was my capillary prosthesis: I was totally inexperienced in this world but thanks to Newlacecu I had excellent assistance: the causes of alopecia were well explained to me, what solutions are there and the materials that they are used in the factory and I have been shown all the steps of the production process. With renewed hope, I purchased this beautiful capillary system, personalizing it as I preferred: I chose a 6RD color, wonderful and very natural that never fades even now that 2 months have passed since the purchase. I was even able to choose the medium hair density that I preferred for a completely natural effect. After a few days the system arrived home and I was surprised and delighted: with this fantastic price that I could easily afford. I am absolutely satisfied.

  3. 5 out of 5


    What a magnificent product, absolutely excellent! Her hair is incredibly beautiful, the hair quality is very high and not only that, the base is very soft and my skin breathes freely! Thanks to this fantastic hair system I was able to obtain a very natural effect, these really look like my hair. Finally I was able to solve the problem of baldness caused by therapy and without resorting to medicines or surgical operations! I am very satisfied because the hair is beautiful, the prosthesis is light but also elastic and resistant and in addition it is totally invisible. The very high quality is obvious. I could not make a better choice, even the wonderful color that I was able to choose thanks to the help of the photos is very natural and never fades. I am very happy, thank you

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