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Long hairs toupee


The long hairs toupee is a system designed to solve the absence of hair, thanks to its long hair system. This feature makes it the perfect hair prosthesis for women, but also for men without hair but who want to enjoy long hair.

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Characteristics of the long hairs toupee

The long hair toupee is a system designed to solve your baldness problem and it allows you to enjoy a hairstyle with long hair. For this reason, this prosthesis is ideal for women with androgenetic alopecia and for bald men who want long hair.

The system of this long hair prosthesis is formed by a mixed base, around which we have a transparent and opaque polyurethane, while in the center we have a soft and breathable lace. With this hair system we will therefore have the advantages of lace and skin.

Due to the surrounding skin, the system will have high bond strength and provide the ease of use of tapes. Full center lace provides breathability and is undetectable. For these reasons, we can wear our long hair prosthesis when showering and doing other activities.

We will forget that we are wearing the toupee, since we will feel that the hair of this prosthesis is our own. In short, we will have beautiful and long hair, ideal for those who enjoy a long haircut.

How does the long hairs toupee work?

The long hair hair prosthesis, measuring 22cm by 18cm, is easy to use. We will put tapes around the contour and then we will proceed to adhere the system to our skin. You can buy the tapes if you don’t have them, here.

The system is ready for delivery and can be shipped immediately.


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