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• Immediate shipping economic wig lace.
• The system is a good lace wig with virgin hair that you can color as you want when you receive it at home.
• You can choose the measures small, medium or large and different lengths of hair.
• On the front there are baby hairs to disguise and create a natural first line
• The hair knots aren’t bleached.
• The density is light on the front to create a more natural look.
• Virgin colors available in: 1B – 2 – 3.

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This is a brilliant and very soft lacewig! Realized with an extraordinary virgin hair, this Wig will ensure you a very high quality!

Your look will be amazing and you can finally say goodbye to the annoying baldness.

This Wig is such a huge news among wigs because of its fantastic features.

First of all thanks to its virgin hair, it will be just like to have your own hair: the wig gives to the model a super natural out fit: on the front this exceptional Wig has got a lighter density just to ensure the most natural look! The front is composed by some baby hair, a short hair that disguise and create a very natural first line.

Just like its name says, this wig is realized in Lace, a very soft material that gives some incredible features to the wig such as:

  • Softness, you won’t feel anything strange on your head and it will be just like to have your own hair.
  • The Lace let your skin transpire: it is a very light material, your skin will be completely free to breath in a natural way, it is just like a second skin.
  • The lace is completely invisible: Thanks to this modern material, no one will never see you are wearing a wig!

There are some different measures and you can choose just the one that is perfect for you: small, medium or large.

You can also choose among different lengths of hair by matching your preferences in the options.
If you want, you can color your hair as you prefer once you have received the new wig or you can choose among available color as the 1b, 2 or 3.

You can also choose the wave of your new Wig: try our Beautiful Wave or a Twist Curl you will be absolutely nice!

We will immediately and directly send the Wig from our factory to your home without any intermediaries.

Choose and customize your new Lace Wig! We ensure you the highest quality at the lowest price.

4 reviews for Factory lacewig

  1. 5 out of 5


    Really a splendid hair system, I bought it 4 months ago and I was very satisfied and also surprised because I could not only customize my order as I liked it, so with the color that I liked the most I could see thanks to photos on the site, with the measurements suitable for me, then a small one, with the type of hair in a normal line and even with the length of hair that I preferred a maximum of 60 cm, but I could also save a lot compared to another hair system and the hair quality is superior , the color does not fade even after numerous maintenance. The value for money is really fabulous. I highly recommend it!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I was afraid that I would have to give up the daily activities that most accomplish me like my splendid work, for example because my shame was so strong that I no longer wanted to leave the house. But with Newlacecu I finally found the solution to my hair loss problem: on the site I found this magnificent product and after entering the characteristics that according to my tastes are better as a suitable length for a perfect look for a woman, 60 cm a beautiful color 3 that I could see thanks to the photos made available by the company, a dream curl ripple and a medium size. A system made to measure for me came with home, with incredibly beautiful and high quality hair. The effect is very natural, it really looks like my hair and then the system has a strong fit that allows me to choose any type of hairstyle. Excellent, I’m very happy

  3. 5 out of 5


    That’s a truly fantastic hair, I had never seen a hair system with such a high quality hair! My androgenetic alopecia is definitively resolved thanks to this beautiful and modern trichological system. The front is completely invisible and I was really super surprised when looking at myself I saw that I had such a natural effect that no one would have ever suspected that I was wearing a wig. I was able to customize the system as I preferred, I chose 50 cm in length and a beautiful color 2 that does not fade even after numerous maintenance. The system also has a spectacular, very strong grip that gives me a sense of complete security. I am also very satisfied because I got a very high quality product at a very affordable price. Great!

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  4. 5 out of 5


    Discovering that I was suffering from partial alopecia, for me it was a very hard blow .. until then I had always taken good care of my hair which is a point of pride for me .. just as I was looking for the best products for my hair care I also immediately sought a solution for my new pathology. Confiding in a friend, I came to discover this great and very serious company. I am very satisfied with this beautiful product that was recommended to me by the company! In fact, Newlacecu guaranteed me excellent assistance! I on the company website I was able to customize the system as I thought best and I chose a very natural and beautiful color, the 3 that does not fade even after various maintenance. I chose a length of 65 cm, and I can say that they have a truly extraordinary quality. Soft, silky, thanks to this fantastic hair I found a smile and a very elegant look. The base is very soft and the front guarantees me a totally natural effect thanks to its maximum invisibility. I am very enthusiastic and thank Newlacecu for his kindness and seriousness

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