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This is a brilliant and modern Wig with Lace Front!!  It has got such a soft and long hair!

At the beginning , Lace wigs were only used during the cast in Hollywood films but when actors saw how easy was to change their look, they began to wear Lace wigs also outside the set.

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Newlacecu Lace Front Wigs   are your secret weapon to a flawless undetectable wig and to wonderful European hair.

This is a brilliant and modern  Wig with Lace Front!!  It has got such a soft and long hair!

At the beginning, Lace wigs were only used during the cast in Hollywood films but when actors saw how easy was to change their look, they began to wear Lace wigs also outside the set.

Starting from that time, our technologies improved and now we can create some Lace wigs that are very modern and sophisticated: a real hair-technology that ensures a super natural look!

The Lace front has got some incredible features, for example it gives a very invisible and natural aspect to the hair-system! But isn’t all, the lace ensures an excellent transpiration. Our skin will be completely free to breath in a natural way.

Thanks to the beautiful and soft hair of the Wig, you will have a very nice hair that enhance the features of your face.

The base is very soft and comfortable , it ensures you elasticity and a long duration.

Lace front wigs have been around for over a decade but were mainly being used by the Hollywood movie industry to most naturally transform actors into character. When actors realized how easy it is to transform with a lace front wig they started wearing them off the set too!

In the past few years now everyone is wearing them.

Are a wonderful solution  for all our clientes

Thanks to the likes of celebrities such as  Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, and the Kardashian’s who all wear lace front  wigs to get the look they want, lace wigs have become increasingly popular among the general population.

The secret to having beautiful and fabulous hair is now out and you too can get the perfect look for any occasion!

we have 10000 in stock ready to sent in your house …you can order all colors and mix of colors

Customize your new Wig and match all your personal preferences in the options, tell us the color you prefer by choosing it among many natural colors!

We can also mix two colors, if you want, so you will get a modern and elegant hair but not only you can also choose your favorite length and line.

There are two lines that are available: the natural line and the Topline! Choose your favorite one!

We immediately  send  the Wig from our company to your home.

We ensue you the highest quality! Try it!


3 reviews for Lace Front Wig-lace wigs

  1. 5 out of 5


    I am 30 years old and fencing is my biggest passion. I have always been a person who also loves to play sports and keep fit but for some time my hair had started to get thin and fall … in a short time I started to find strands of hair in the sink and I started to worry about them. I then began to consider whether to buy a capillary system, because I was looking for a solution that was not a therapy or a chirurgica operation. But I was a little unsure and I had many doubts: what if the system had been visible? What if once I put-on the capillary system I could no longer devote myself to fencing or other sport?
    So I contacted the Newlacecu company and they were really professional and very patient and clarified any doubt, explaining that their systems had excellent adherence and invisibility .. I was curious so I ordered the lace front wig putting all the features that I liked most in the options : I liked the strip curl waving in a particular way, I also wanted to choose a delicate blonde so that the difference in blonde between my natural hair and that of the system was not noticed. I wanted the best hair so I ordered the topline. When the system arrived home I immediately noticed the very high quality of the hair: they really were the top, silky, soft and beautiful. Just as I was told, the system doesn’t need any glue or tapes and it has a very strong adhesion. That’s Excellent because this allows me not to give up with the sport! I don’t feel anything , it is just like having natural hair also because the system is completely invisible. I am very satisfied, I recommend it !!

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      I’m happy you happy 🙂

  2. 5 out of 5


    the best wig ever! I thank Newlacecu so much for the professionalism and sensitivity that have been shown to me, after being very impressed by this beautiful wig I contacted the company to find out more and here I was given all kinds of information and photos. The beautiful and high quality hair gives me a natural and very beautiful look, now I finally feel comfortable with myself also because thanks to the lace the look is completely natural. The beautiful color never fades and gives me a totally glamorous look. Thanks

  3. 5 out of 5


    I’m so happy!! After a long time I finally found the ideal solution to solve all my problems! Thanks to this fantastic capillary system, in fact, I am no longer ashamed to show myself in public because of my alopecia! Now I too have a modern and elegant hair! The hair is of a sensational softness, soft and velvety. They guarantee me an incredibly natural effect thanks also to the fantastic color I chose by customizing my system, the 27b that never fades. The front is very soft and very comfortable, super invisible, it seems to disappear completely and lets my skin breathe. Yes, this is just an excellent product!

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      thank you very much

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