Lace Front Wig at Special Price

5.00 out of 5
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• System that ensures elastic base and invisible front.
• The hair is Indian remy with cuticle.
• It can be put in case of universal alopecia or on top of your hair.
• The front has less density to simulate a natural front.
• The hair knots aren’t bleached.
• Indian natural colours availables in: 1b – 2 – 3.
• Immediate shipping from the factory to your home.


Satisfaction warranty:
If you don't like the hair prosthesis, just send it back (not used or cut) and we'll refund or exchange it for you. As you prefer.


Here there is a fabulous Lace Wig! This hair-system will ensure you a very comfortable and new hair , your look will be natural and simply wonderful.

The Wig is composed by the Lace, it is a very soft and modern material that will give elasticity to the base and that will ensure you the biggest comfort.

The Lace has got another wonderful feature: it ensures invisibility to the front of your new Wig and it lets our skin transpire in a such a natural way!

Nobody won’t never discover you are wearing a hair-system thanks to its incredible natural effect. In fact the Wig has got a low density on the front to simulate a more natural effect.

Lets talk about the hair, it is a very soft and shiny Indian Remy hair , and it means you will get the highest quality of the world market! This hair-system has got the cuticle.

Choose your new hair Wig, it is perfect to cover a universal alopecia or you can simply put it on the top of your hair.

The hair knots aren’t bleached. Choose your favorite color

You can customize your new Hair wig just matching your preferences in the options . Choose your favorite length or your favorite line : try our Deep Wave, or choose among many natural line the one you prefer!

We immediately send your new Wig from our factory to your home!

We ensure the highest quality!!

If you want we can add polyurethane in the perimeter so as to make it easier to adhere and clean the base

4 reviews for Lace Front Wig at Special Price

  1. 5 out of 5


    From one day to the next I found an increasingly thin hair … the fear of being completely hairless one day seized me … I talked to my best friend who recommended this company. . I went to their website and found them, the ideal solution for my problem: the hair prosthesis in the link. I felt a little relieved but I still had some doubts, especially that my secret could be seen … so I contacted Newlacecu and expressed all my doubts about the wig. With patience and professionalism they gave me all the explanations of the case, the materials as they are made and how they can guarantee maximum invisibility. I was excited and, now lively, I decided to order the prosthesis. With all tranquility, I entered my preferences in the options, thus personalizing my system. Thanks to the photos of the published colors I could choose the color 6, a natural and sweet undulation. I also chose the density of hair 110. Now that the system has arrived, I see with my own eyes the very high quality of the hair: very soft, shiny. Once you wear the prosthesis, you really don’t notice anything, it’s like having natural hair. Comfortable and soft prosthesis that allows the skin to breathe. Now that I have gained more confidence in myself, I feel beautiful. I’m really very happy

  2. 5 out of 5


    Exceptional wig !! Many thanks to Newlacecu, a very serious company thanks to which I have finally found my peace and serenity. Alopecia made me so sad and apathetic that I didn’t want to go jogging with my friends anymore .. I was discouraged and I thought I would never be able to find a solution for this problem. But I took courage and after this first gray moment I inquired, I started reading some testimonials, listening to other people’s opinions and only in this way I managed to discover the Newlacecu site. Among many beautiful products, I liked most this beautiful wig that I could customize as I preferred. I chose a Deep Curl of a wonderful color 2. The system has a majestic hair, of exceptional quality that ensures me a natural and sophisticated look. Their beautiful color has never faded in 3 months and the base is very light and soft. Nobody noticed that I’m wearing a system, that’s my little secret. I am very satisfied, now I have beautiful hair, I can comb it just in the way I want and I can continue to go jogging!

  3. 5 out of 5


    What a splendid product! I am very happy, now I have finally been able to get rid of that sense of shame and discomfort that I felt every time I left the house. In fact, I was afraid that others would stare at me in a strange way because of my baldness so I started looking for a capillary system suited to my needs and on the Newlacecu website I found this beautiful and innovative system. After personalizing the product with a length of 55 cm, with a beautiful color 1b and since I want the best quality of the system I chose a topline range. Thanks to the photos made available by the company, I fell in love with the Twist Curl that I chose as the waving of my wig. I have been using the system for about two months now and I can assure you that it is a very high quality system, with gorgeous and very soft hair. Even the front ensures me a completely natural and elegant look thanks to its invisible front. I am very satisfied, I recommend this excellent product!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Hair for me is a real index of beautiful presence and health and when I learned to suffer from baldness .. I got very depressed. Until, searching the internet, I found the Newlacecu site. Seeing the numerous capillary systems and other products, I was reassured: I had finally found the perfect system to get back a beautiful hair. This beautiful prosthesis, I immediately liked it, the hair is perfectly smooth exactly as I like it. I customized my new hair by adding a length of 45cm, a beautiful color 3 and a topline range among the options. very high. The front is completely transparent and light plus the color and the hair creates a very natural effect. I am very satisfied and recommend this excellent product

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