Lace closure 30 cm x 14 cm Indian hair

5.00 out of 5
(4 customer reviews)


  • Ideal female system for cases of partial andorhenetic alopecia.
  • The system is a strong lace that sticks to the skin with tails or tapes so you will have to shave.
  • The hair knots aren’t bleached.
  • Indian remy with cuticle Hair.
  • Indian natural colours availables in: 1b – 2 – 3.
  • Immediate shipping from the factory to your home.

Satisfaction warranty:
If you don't like the hair prosthesis, just send it back (not used or cut) and we'll refund or exchange it for you. As you prefer.


That’s an incredible Women Lace Closure!  This hair-system represents an exceptional and natural solution to the partial androgenic alopecia. Thanks to the wonderful gestures of this magnificent hair-system, you will finally have back your soft and shiny hair!

The Lace Closure is realized in  Lace, which is soft and modern material that ensures you a lot of benefits such as:

Invisibility: For a hair system this is a very important feature because thanks to it, nobody will never discover you are wearing a hair-system, and when you give a look to your self at the mirror, it will be just like to have your own hair, so the natural effect is ensured!

Transpirability: That’s another important feature for a system, our skin should be always free to breath and thanks to this innovative material it will be possible just like a second skin.

Elasticity: The Lace is a very elastic material and  we discovered that. So to ensure the biggest comfort, because a good hair-system must be comfortable and soft, we realized the hair-system in Lace so you will get the biggest comfort and versatility.

 Strength: The Lace also ensures a very strong duration and resistance. You will have a very strong hair with a long duration.

We can say that the Lace-Closure is composed by a hair that has got the highest  quality, it is the Indian Remy Hair. It is a super natural ,shiny and soft hair that has got the cuticle and it is here that we can see the high quality of the hair, because it has the same beautiful feature of the natural one!

You can fix you new hair system in a very easy way, just using some tapes or tails and for this you should shave your head.

 You can choose your favorite color . We will immediately send the hair-system to your home without intermediaries.


 Customize you new hair and tell us your preferences!

 A very high quality at a low price.

4 reviews for Lace closure 30 cm x 14 cm Indian hair

  1. 5 out of 5


    I am very satisfied, thanks to this excellent product, my life has definitely improved: I suffered from alopecia areata and my lifestyle had suffered a lot … my contacts with society were dissolving .. no, I could not allow it: I had to take my life back!
    I have followed many expensive therapies that have failed. So I started considering to buy a hair-system. Searching on the net, I found the Newlacecu website: looking through the products, I found the one that was right for me the Lace Closure. Without wasting any time I immediately customized my prosthesis: A sweet color 2 that fits in perfectly with my dark eyes. Then I chose the beautiful length of 55 cm, for me they are perfect because I love long hair so much. I also wanted to choose the topline. After few days the system arrived: Such a fabulous hair, so soft and beautiful! The base is completely invisible and the skin is free to breathe. In these months the hair has never lost its beautiful color. I am very satisfied, now I can also play sports, run and go to the pool. Thanks Newlacecu, I am much happier now!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Description absolutely snug, the lace closure really offers all these wonderful comforts: my skin breathes freely, the base is very soft and not uncomfortable or annoying at all. Her hair is incredibly soft and of excellent quality. I am very satisfied, its very natural color not only never fades but I also have an absolutely credible and natural effect! My hair is finally long and completely healthy looking. Thanks Newlacecu!

  3. 5 out of 5


    finally I was able to solve that annoying alopecia that made me look older .. the hair is really of the latest generation, never seen hair so soft in a capillary system. Even the front, completely invisible and that lets my skin breathe. I am happy because its maintenance is not difficult to do and its adhesion is very strong. Thanks, I’m back to being serene.

  4. 5 out of 5


    My case of total alopecia had led me to despair .. I had really tried all the solutions, from drug therapies to the most expensive capillary systems without getting results .. I was very discouraged. After the umpteenth in-depth visit, I let myself be advised and a patient of my doctor advised me to try Newlacecu. A little skeptical I went to the website and after reading numerous reviews and testimonials I decided to choose a system for me. I chose this beautiful capillary prosthesis that I customized as I thought best: I chose the length of 55cm, I preferred the color 3, natural and bright which gives me a sense of security. For the range, I chose a topline hair range, I am very happy the hair is of a very high quality, soft and silky that give me a refined look. My appearance is very natural, you see absolutely nothing and passing a hand through your hair they are as soft as real ones. The natural aspect is also guaranteed by the completely transparent fronatal of the system which disappears completely once I have worn the lace closure. It is very soft and comfortable. I am finally happy because I have definitively solved my problem and without spending a fortune. I advise.

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