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Glued Hair System (European Hair)

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A system glued, the glue will dure 4 months then you must add new glue

More information about color selection.

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A system glued, the glue will dure 4 monhts then you must add new glue
All skin knotted medium
All skin knotted thin
Perimter skin medio center lace

Sizes 24 cm for 20 cm (but we can cut in your sizes, add your sizes in news )

Lenght hairs 15 cm
Shipment in 30 days

Instructions for use:

1 – Slowly remove the wig from the back to ensure that the hair doesn’t stick to the glued base.
2 – Clean the glued base with water.
IMPORTANT: Don’t use shampoo or hair conditioner.
3 – Allow the glued base to dry and then place the protective base on the base of the capillary system.
4 – Clean the hair.
IMPORTANT: Be careful not let shampoo adhere to the glued base.
5 – Dry the hair.
6 – Make sure the scalp is clean and without oil before putting on the wig.

ATTENTION: Don’t put shampoo or hair conditioner on the glued base, you should also be careful when washing the hairs, don’t put shampoo or conditioner on the glue, it’s very important: If you put shampoo on the glue, it will not work.

1 review for Glued Hair System (European Hair)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rudolph 77

    congratulations to the company, this is an exceptional capillary system! I bought the system a few months ago: I was looking for an incredibly strong and resistant hair- system for my alopecia that would allow me to wear it in any situation but that had to be also very comfortable and soft. My expectations haven’t been disappointed at all. Thanks to this fantastic hair system now I have a thick and natural look. The beautiful color that I chose never faded and the base is really very resistant. I was even able to choose whether to add white hair and I added it to create an even more credible effect , perfect for my age. I am very happy, the hair quality is very high! Maintenance is also quick and easy to do. Great!

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