Glue to White Water Sweat Resistant


The famous water glue of True tape.

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Glue to White Water Sweat Resistant:

Wgor white glue or oil resistant, known as white glue sweat resistant in Italy, is a paste with water. It is safe and suitable for sensitive scalps. In contrast to other glues water, it is highly resistant to perspiration and allows long duration of anchoring, in addition to a good cleaning of the system and of the skin.

For many, carriers is considered the best glue water company True tape and we’ve decided to put it in our store.

It is a white glue that once stretched, becomes transparent and opaque, allowing an anchor without the annoying glint that you have with other adhesives.

Apply a very thin layer with a cotton swab. Allow it dry and pass a second layer, so as to have a clamping force majeure. It fits all bases from polyurethanes, the lace, and it is a great choice for all hair prosthesis wearers.


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