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French skin mixed hair system

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Remy hair with intact cuticle and from Europe, the best quality hair on the world market.

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Easy trichological capillary system

French skin mixed hair system

The Easy trichological system consists of a mixed base with a French tulle in the front and medium knotted polyurethane in the remaining part having a thickness of 0,08.

This system guarantees lots of benefits to the user.

  1. In the front, thanks to French tulle (manufactured in Europe), total invisibility and perfect transpiration, with perfectly bleached half knots and front graduation.
  2. In the rest of the system, thanks to medium knotted polyurethane, strong adhesion, perfect volume, great ease of maintenance and cleaning.

The Easy hair system is recommended for the user who aspires to have an invisible, practical and easy to clean system

The measures are 24 cm of base length times 20 cm of base width, which you can easily trim according to your specific sizes at home.

Hairs are remy hairs, with intact cuticle and from Europe, so the best on the world market.

Hair length is 12 -15 cm that afterwards can be stylized by your trusted hairdresser with the hairstyle you prefer.

Undulation is slightly wavy, natural.

3 reviews for French skin mixed hair system

  1. 5 out of 5

    Yuri Jackobs

    Great professionalism, the product is really beautiful and long lasting. When ordering, you can enter in the options all features you want your system to have. I chose the 10R color, and I inserted a smooth wave. To have an even more natural effect I added the percentage of white hair of 45% and a majestic system has arrived: the hair is human, really soft and beautiful. The system is very thin and totally invisible. It is very easy to clean, it is done in an instant and even after months of use the color does not go away. It’s wonderful, now I can also swim in the sea without fear. Highly recommended!

  2. 5 out of 5


    For several months my hair had begun to fall copiously. Initially I wasn’t very worried because I thought that my hair loss was due to stress because my wife and I had been forced to suddenly change our lifestyle. But it wasn’t like that. A visit to the doctor diagnosed me an androgenetic alopecia. It was a serious blow to me, I feared that my wife wouldn’t find me attractive anymore and that I was mocked by the other because of the bald areas on my head. I couldn’t continue to live in uncertainty and fear, so I started to look for some solutions in forums where Newlacecu was recommended to me. I immediately visited the site and I saw this beautiful system. I immediately liked it a lot and entered my preferences in the options. Thanks to the photos made available by the company, I chose a bright color 59 #, a 3 cm wavy hair. Delivery times are very fast and in a short time my new capillary system has arrived home. My amazement was enormous because the hair has an impressive softness and excellent quality! The system is very resistant, if I look in the mirror I see that my look is completely natural, just as if it were my original hair. Thanks to the mix of materials my skin breathes freely. Excellent, great. I advise it!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I am absolutely very satisfied! Thanks to this fantastic product I was able to solve my alopecia forever! In fact, my appearance was no longer what it once was: my hair fell in bundles, leaving areas of the head uncovered. I was tired of this situation of dissatisfaction and continuous frustration, I had to find a solution. I spent a lot of money on treatments and lotions that didn’t have the slightest effect. But I didn’t want to give up, and so on the internet among many sites I found the Newlacecu site. Encouraged by the excellent reviews and testimonials, I began to search among many products for a solution for me too. My attention has fallen on this beautiful system and reading the description I saw that it was just what was right for me. I wanted to solve this problem immediately and so I decided to order the system. I was also very happy because in the options I was able to enter my personal preferences: I chose a 3 cm wavy hair, and thanks to the photos I was also able to choose a fantastic 8R # color. I immediately saw the very high quality of the hair, its softness. My heart was filled with joy when, wearing it, I saw the incredible natural effect that the system gave me thanks to its transparent front. Now 3 months have passed since I used my new system and its wonderful color has never faded. Now I have the style I’ve always dreamed of, I love it!

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