Economic Women Wig (Indian hair)

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Recommended system for total alopecia or alopecia caused by chemotherapy.

Satisfaction warranty:
If you don't like the hair prosthesis, just send it back (not used or cut) and we'll refund or exchange it for you. As you prefer.


Economic prosthetic hair is a total female denture mixed-based, this means that it is a prosthesis with multiple bases joined together.

It has an excellent front in French lace with perfectly bleached half knotted hair.

This allows the carrier to be able to comb his hair as he also believes with all the back.

The side and the sideburns area being in lace allow a very good naturalness.

The rest of the base is an elastic base that does not require glue or tape.

It is a good solution for those who want the invisibility of lace but also the speed of an elastic base in the rest of the system that greatly decreases the maintenance time.

The hair is Indian Remy then with cuticle and inserted in the same direction of the roots, which allows an excellent hairstyle, full-bodied and healthy.

This is a very special and economic Wig for women! The hair that composes this wonderfull and modern hair-system is an Indian Remy hair. It has got the cuticle, this means that it has a very high quality and that it is very similar to a natural hair. To get the most natural effect, the hair of the Wig follows the natural line of the head. In this way, you will be completly free  to comb your hair just like you prefer, including a full back hair-style!

The Woman Wig is also composed by a mixed-base, a base realized with the combination of some different materials to ensure you all benefits of those materials and so a superlative hair-system.

For example, the front of the wig is realized in French Lace and thanks to it your new Wig will ensure you an incredible natural effect thanks to the invisibility of the Lace. But, the Lace gives a lot of other benefits just like: The lightness of this wonderful material allows your skin to breath in a complete natural way, The strength of the French Lace ensures a long duration and resistance of the Wig.

The rest of the base is elastic and soft, you will see how easy and fast will be the cleaning of the base and the maintenance time will be reduced.

We recommend it to for total alopecia or alopecia caused by chemotherapy

Customize your new wig and match your preferences in the options. Choose the ripple you prefer among some natural and fashionable ripples ( a Soft curl, or Natural straight hair and so on) YOU WILL GET A PERFECT TAYLOR-MADE wig that will give you an extraordinary natural look!

 The production process will take more or less 60 days and we will immediately send the Wig from our Factory to your home.

 Choose the highest quality!!


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2 reviews for Economic Women Wig (Indian hair)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rose Shirley 78

    The busy life and the messy lifestyle increased my stress level very strongly, at the beginning I thought this was the cause of the big fall of my hair .. but I soon realized that I was suffering from androgenetic alopecia . I was very scared that my image would never be the same …. I had to act immediately. I began to read up on the web and found that the Newlacecu company is the best for this type of problem. There is a big variety of products and among them I have chosen the cheap wig. With the help of the photos published by the company I chose a very natural 27s color, I was able to customize the waviness of my hair but I preferred a simple and smooth hairstyle. The hair-system arrived after a few days. Hair is magnificent, soft and shiny. The base is very strong and the front is totally invisible. In fact, no one noticed that I wear a capillary system. I am very happy and satisfied!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I was very satisfied with the characteristics of this wonderful product! The hair is of the highest quality, soft and very silky. Thanks to this beautiful wig I have now finally regained an elegant and youthful appearance. I am very happy, I customized my brand new wig and I chose 45cm in length and a beautiful color 22 that I chose thanks to the photos on the site to which I added beautiful lighter highlights. The effect is extraordinary also thanks to the formidable range of hair, the topline one. The front is very soft and elastic which ensures a very natural effect thanks to its invisibility. Great!

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