Customized vacuum wig – total self-adhesive prosthesis

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We know that each of us wants the best of the best for him self and for his look, especially for an external aspect!!

So we created a very special hair-prothesis that represents the best on the world market: The Vacuum Wig.

This is a very comfortable hair-system, the most innovative one!

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The vacuum wig is the most innovative self-adhesive total prosthesis on the world market.

Excellent for those who have total alopecia, alopecia from pharmacological treatment or who however is willing to shave their head completely.

With this prosthesis you will have invisible frontal, perspiration and no need to use glues.


Made of a mixed lace base and non-slip resin, it is a prosthesis that ensures frontal invisibility, perspiration and total adhesion without the need for tapes or glues.

Think of having a perfect hair without having to do the maintenance and cleaning of the base every week. For so many this is a epochal passage.

It is currently the most innovative total prosthesis in the world market, Ferrari for cases of total alopecia or chemotherapy.

Your skin will breath such in a natural way thanks to the mixed lace base and to the non-slip resin which are some modern matherials that ensure you a perfect invisibility effect, especially on the front, it lets the skin transpire and the most innovative feature: the hair-system doesn’t need any glue or tapes to ensure you a perfect adhesion!

That’s a briliant feature, lets think about it: you will have a beautifull hair-style that is taylor-made on you infact you can personalize your new hair-system just like you prefer ! You can have the perfect hair-dress without any annoing maintenances or cleaning of the base every week.

The production time will take more or less 60 days, just because we realize it just in the way you wish it. We directly send it from our Factory to your home without any unnecessary and expensive intermediaries.

We ensure a high quality at low price! Try it.

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total hair systems
total hair systems

5 reviews for Customized vacuum wig – total self-adhesive prosthesis

  1. 5 out of 5


    I love Newlacecu and its vacuum

  2. 5 out of 5


    I bought this product for my wife who suffers from alopecia. She is so happy!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have received this hairsystem for over 6 months, what can I say, it really exceeded my expectations.
    Honestly, I would never have thought that, since prices are much lower than those of other companies.
    The base is strong, breathable and totally invisible, it ensures a perfect front. The hair is beautiful, even now, after 6 months (continuous use) it is beautiful … I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL WOMEN OR GIRLS WITH ALOPECIA PROBLEMS THIS NEW GENERATION WIG.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Very comfortable product, perfect for my personal situation where after chemotherapy I was completely without hair .. I had no intention of staying bald and so on this site I discovered this wonderful product that has an incredibly high hair quality, the hair I chose is 50cm long and I preferred the 27s color that is super-natural and that never fades. I could also choose such a lovely wave just like the Dream Curl which gives me a completely natural and new look. I preferred a low density because I wanted a very natural effect on my front. I chose a Topline and I can say it is an incredible hair-system, it has got a very high quality! The hair is soft and nice and I am very surprised because it is just like my original hair! The maintenance is very simple it takes a very short time. The front is really very invisible and it let my skin breath . I am happy and very satisfated!

    • administrator

      Laureline thank you very much to your comment

  5. 5 out of 5

    Jennifer C.

    I haven’t yet tried this new vacuum style wig although it’s definitely something that I’m looking forward to purchasing one day in the near future. For myself I want something that’s going to look natural but also be something that I can afford. This product is a little pricey for me right now and is something I have to save for unfortunately. I wish there was a cheaper option for those that cannot afford the higher price tag. Don’t get me wrong im sure this product is wonderful. Just not wonderful for my pocket book. Just going to start saving now…..

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