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Black Woman Wigs – Black Lace Wig

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Wonderful Black woman wigs ! Thanks to the wonderful features of the Lace, a modern and soft material that composes the hair-system, you will have back a beautiful , long and super natural hair.

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Wonderful Black woman wigs ! Thanks to the wonderful features of the Lace, a modern and soft material that composes the hair-system, you will have back a beautiful , long and super natural hair.

Lets discover all the sophisticated features of a material such as the Lace.

The Lace will ensure you a real and super -natural look, thanks to the invisible effect that the material creates. Nobody will never discover your little secret.

You will get a black woman wig with an excellent adhesion, and thanks to this incredible feature you can also practice all kind of sport, including a healthy swimming to the sea or in the swimming-pool.

With its beautiful elastic base, the hair-system will ensure you the most comfortable hair.

Black lace wig for women is composed by a special hair with the highest quality, in fact it is an Euro 3 hair, a kind of hair that certifies its incredible high quality and origin.

This is a perfect solution for all kind of androgenic alopecia, and it doesn’t require any pharmacological treatment.

Choose your favorite color among many natural color! Customize your favorite hair-system and match all your preferences in the options telling us the length, the measures and the line you prefer. There two fantastic hair lines : the normal line and the Topline. For a Topline production it will be necessary more or less 3 months as production time.

If you want, we can also mix two natural colors to obtain a fantastic and gorgeous look!

We will immediately send the product from our factory to your home. Try it, you will have the highest quality at a low price!

Black woman wigs with lace elastic base.
Strong system whit front invisible
Hairs Euro 3
We’ll make in 60 days.
Expedition direct from factory to your house

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4 reviews for Black Woman Wigs – Black Lace Wig

  1. 5 out of 5


    Mine was like a lost case, without any solution. I really tried everything for my alopecia from the most expensive therapie to old gen wigs. I was really tired. I was about to give up and shave when my dearest friend said to me: “wait, there is a company you didn’t contact and it’s called Newlacecu. It is the best for protheses”. I was doubtful but I still wanted to listen to my friend who I knew for twenty years. I found their website on the net. I sent them an email and I explained my situation to the company. Very friendly they replied that the solution was called: black lace wig.
    I tried them all, why not to try this other way too? The following day I ordered the system, obviously personalized: 35 cm in length, a beautiful color 33 that I was able to see thanks to the photoes published by the company, I chose a gentle undulation. Delivery times were really short, and when I saw the capillary system I was very surprised because I saw its excellent quality: the hair is fantastic, very soft. Now we have to see if the system was also comfortable. I wore it and it was actually comfortable, invisible and the skin transpired without difficulty. It looked just like it was my original hair. I am very happy, after a long time I managed to solve that annoying alopecia that worried me. Thank you very much!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Beautiful hair, absolutely wonderful! Their style ensures me a completely natural look thanks to their softness, brightness and extraordinary quality. I am absolutely satisfied, the product has many advantages such as that of leaving my skin free to breathe, it has a soft and comfortable base that is well suited to the shape of my head. The extraordinary color never fades and what is even more surprising is the price: such a reasonable price has allowed me to obtain a perfect capillary system like this, I still can’t believe it! I was able to permanently resolve my alopecia!

  3. 5 out of 5


    If today I am a new person, without any doubts or fears, I owe it only to your company which, at a low price, has assured me of a very high quality hair system with beautiful, high quality hair. I was also able to customize the system as I preferred. I personally chose a length of 50 cm, the color 14 that highlights my look, for the waving I preferred a Loose Wave and since I want the best, I chose a topline range of hair the shape of my head is quite small so a small one was more than enough. I am also very satisfied with the base which is soft, comfortable but also resistant and ensures excellent adhesion. Excellent!

  4. 5 out of 5


    I was terrified at the thought of leaving the house without something to cover my head, such was my shame of being affected by androgenetic alopecia. My hair was suddenly brittle, damaged and fell out very easily. I had also tried many expensive lotions without getting effective results. But now, thanks to Newlacecu I have a completely new hair. Hair has wonderful curls, in fact I chose a Body curl when I customized my capillary system. I also chose a beautiful, very natural color that I could see in the images of the company website. The color 14 in addition to being of a very natural shade, never fades and is in perfect harmony with my natural hair. I am also very satisfied because I also added lighter shades for a modern look suitable for my age. I am also very satisfied with the adhesion of the system: it is a very strong capillary system with excellent hold that allows me to do all kinds of movements. The base is very soft and of excellent quality, like hair. The breathability of the lace respects my skin and lets it breathe. The front is also totally invisible. Really incredible, this product has a very high quality but has an incredibly affordable price. I am very happy to have been able to definitively solve this embarrassing problem of mine. Thanks so much

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