False Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a vital part of every person’s face. They frame the look, give personality to the face and affect its physiognomy. And it is that, as you have been able to verify, a minimum change in the design of an eyebrow can totally change the appearance of a person.

Due to this, the absence of this part of our face never goes unnoticed, causing self-esteem problems in those who suffer from it. Fortunately, today there are various techniques to get the desired eyebrows back.

At NewLacecu, we have a section of false eyebrows, where you can find the eyebrows that best suit your physiognomy.

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False eyebrows have been a revolution in the world of personal self-care and aesthetics, and they are the ideal option for those who have lost their hair or the hair on their face.

Whether it is because you are going through an oncological process, because you suffer from alopecia areata, due to episodes of stress or excessive hair removal, false eyebrows can help you recover your appearance prior to the disease.

Not having hair in the eyebrows or having very little density is more common than you think, and there are even people who suffer from trichotillomania, an anxiety disorder that causes people who suffer from it to compulsively pull out their hair.


Its application is simple, and it is that glue is simply required to adhere the false eyebrows to the skin. Once applied, the eyebrows will remain fixed for hours, with hardly any notice that they are not your natural eyebrows.

To place them with all the guarantees, it is necessary that there is no natural hair in the area. Otherwise, the eyebrows would not be well secured and attached to the skin. Also, removing them would not be a comfortable process, since the glue would catch the hairs, causing pain and irritation in the area.


If they are placed correctly, the most common thing is that the false eyebrows remain perfectly adhered to the skin for about 10 days, after which they will have to be cleaned and repositioned.

They are reusable but, in order to keep them in perfect condition for much longer, regular maintenance must be carried out, cleaning their base with solvent each time they are removed.


Our false eyebrows for women and men have a high quality. These hair-by-hair false eyebrows have a V-shaped base and are made entirely by hand and with natural hair.

They are available in a wide variety of shades and shapes, so you only have to send us an image of the desired design so that we can convert it into the false eyebrows you are looking for.

Thick, thin, more or less dense… With these eyebrows you don't have to worry about whether they look realistic or not, because their skin base is totally invisible and their appearance is completely natural.


As we have already told you, there are various techniques to achieve a perfect eyebrow design. However, not all techniques provide a result that is as real to the eye.

Natural false eyebrows will always give you a more natural look than any type of technique that has to do with tattoos. While microblading or micropigmentation sits flat on the skin, false brows provide the same three-dimensional feel as your own brows.

False eyebrows also prevent contracting possible diseases or performing specific care on the skin. As with common tattoos, work done on the eyebrows leaves a scab for days, which must be taken care of. On the other hand, the use of needles in poor condition implies the risk of contracting certain diseases, such as hepatitis B or tetanus.

Another of the strengths of false eyebrows is that they are cheap, being even cheaper than microblading, for example.


At NewLacecu we are experts in hair systems. In our dedication to providing you with the best products in terms of hair prostheses or wigs, we cannot forget about eyebrows.

They are a fundamental part of our face and, therefore, in our store you can buy your favorite design of false eyebrows online. If you have any type of doubt, contact us and we will help you to get the eyebrow model that best suits the physiognomy of your face.

Find the best natural hair false eyebrows for men and women, as well as other products such as wigs or hair prosthesis at the best price, in our online store.