Men hair replacement patch Models

Hair replacement systems for men that we produce are made with a lot of bases and base combinations, the following are some of the best selling models.

Polyurethane hair patch

It’s a PU System, also called SKIN. Indeed it reproduces the human skin with a very thin film. The hair can be inserted one by one with a very natural effect and similar to reality. They can also be knotted to reduce the final cost of the prosthesis, but at the expense of the look that will be a little less natural.
The bases can be different, from thin to medium thick.

Lace hair patch

A tulle that offers invisibility and transpiration. The hairs are tied to the network, after which, to give a perfect skin effect, nodes are whitened. The New Lace Ecu offers the best whitened system of the market, for a natural effect to 100%. Invisibility and transpiration are the main features of the system, and the customer could also swim and play sports with this type of solution.

  • Swiss Lace: the most invisible and delicate lace.
  • French Lace: invisible and lost lasting. Compare our French lace with that hair patches  of competitors. We offer one of the best products on the market.
  • New Lace: An exclusive NewLaceEcu, another solution among the best in the market.

Silicone hair patch

Material of long duration, very expensive in most countries, but available with us at a fraction of the price.

  • Rigid silicone: long-lasting material also known in Italy as a natural hair in contact. By other companies is sold at exorbitant prices, but you will find it in NewLacecu at better quality and at a tenth of the price.
  • Soft silicone: a silicon similar to rigid but soft.
newlacecu hair sofe silicon-150x150
newlacecu hair sofe silicon-150×150
newlacecu 2 hair sofe silicon-150x150
newlacecu 2 hair sofe silicon-150×150

Silk Lace hair patch

Double Lace, extremely natural in look that gives. It’s an ideal solution for the back of the head.

Silk Lace hair patch
Silk Lace

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