Skin hair replacement system

Skin Hair prosthesis

If you are willing to solve the problem of hair loss, the best way is to use natural hair replacement systems by which you will be able to get your self-esteem back. Those who suffer from alopecia experience a loss of self-esteem quite often. This can compromise the way we relate to others. Among the …

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Hair Prosthesis in lace Newlacecu


Those who suffer from alopecia, therefore of hair loss, often find themselves in serious difficulty in finding a method to heal. When the situation is really dramatic and therefore the hair has a strong thinning or even totally fallen, there is no other solution than to think of a prosthesis. The prosthesis that can give …

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Alopecia and Menopause

Alopecia and Menopause

Alopecia and menopause, what is the relationship? Female baldness, just like that of a masculine nature, can represent a social and psychological problem for women who are faced with it. Usually, baldness is a phenomenon that can occur during the onset of the first symptoms of menopause. In fact, alopecia in women can be a …

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The best haircuts 2018


Short, long, shaved or shaded: There are numerous new 2018 haircuts that are making a trend during the 2018. When it comes to the trend in hair, one must necessarily take into account the fact that the cut is very subjective and depending on the shape of the face and the type of style that …

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Hair pieces duration

Prosthetic Hair Duration

It’s a question you get so many: how long does a hair prosthesis last? Customers often contact us and ask: “Hello i want information about cost and duration ” They often don’t even specify what kind of hair prosthesis they want. They ask this generic question and the interlocutor opens the world, or, being always …

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Wigs online for Men

protesis capilar cabello indio

The term wig means a hair system that covers the whole head. Normally the wig is a very old movable and unnatural system. But now there are modern hair implants that ensure naturalness, a totally normal life, which means to be able to sleep, to play sports, to swim, and a total impalpablity. Normally the …

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