Seborrheic Alopecia: What to know

Seborrheic Alopecia

Here’s what to know about this particular kind of Alopecia Seborrheic Alopecia is a particular kind of Alopecia that causes hair loss and hair thinning due to the excessive production of sebum. Especially when washing one’s hair, it is possible to notice premature hair loss which can affect different areas of the head. Typically, the …

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Alopecia Areata: what to know

alopecia areata

What is Alopecia Areata? It can be defined as a pathology that affects males and females equally. It is more likely to affect young adults and is very rare amongst people older than sixty. It causes hair loss in localized areas of the body – these areas typically include the scalp, particularly the occipital areas …

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Economic wigs online

wig online

Often when looking for a wig you are afraid of having to enter an expensive center and purchase a very expensive hair replacement system, ugly and heavy – besides having to be ashamed when strangers notice your baldness. That’s why the dream of any person who has experienced baldness is to find an economic wig …

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Alopecia and stress

alopecia areata

Hair loss is not always a phenomenon of a purely physiological nature as sometimes, at the base of alopecia there could also be factors due to stress. This depends on various situations that affect the human psyche and cause difficulties at the physical level as well as at the psychological one. When you are faced …

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