What is a trichological system?

trichological systems

Surfing the internet, searching on Google or on many other websites, you can often read the definition trichological system. But what is a trichological system? The trichological system it is nothing but a modern system of no surgical hair reproduction or more simply a hair system. An old generation wig must not be confused with …

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Hair structure


Longitudinal section. Anatomically, in longitudinal section, the hair is divided into a part external to the skin called stem, having a tubular shape which ends in a thinner part, practically this is the visible part. The cells which form the stem don’t have vital functions, they are actually dead structures. Immersed in the skin we …

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Hair systems and wigs

hair systems

According to the vocabulary, a wig is a fake hat. Several synonyms are used: toupee, hair prosthesis, hair systems, replacement and some even say “capillary attachment”. In English, this kind of wigs is called “HairPiece“. From now on, when we talk about prosthesis, systems or wigs, we refer to the same thing. Fortunately there are …

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Clips kill me! Tips to wear clips without damaging biological hairs or the skin

hair system clips

The majority of our customers with low volume or with diffuse alopecia (androgenetic) in the front area, usually choose clip hair systems. These systems are called microline or topclosure. They aren’t noticed and they are fixed using clips which are sewed inside, so that they can’t move. Although this solution is really comfortable, it is …

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