How a lace hair system is made: what are the benefits and downsides?

lace hair system

New generation hair systems have different constructions, among which lace stands out: a very appreciated material and certainly also an innovative and modern one. It has finally allowed trichological systems which are completely invisible, impalpable and transpiring. If you think about it, lace, which guarantees both invisibility, impalpability and transpiration, has all those elements which …

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Hair systems FAQ / part 2

In our blog we have already discussed frequent questions. Today we write a second article with other questions which are often asked by those who want to use a hair system. These are the questions that the vast majority of people ask before making the decision to buy a wig. In case you have questions …

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What is a trichological system?

trichological systems

Surfing the internet, searching on Google or on many other websites, you can often read the definition trichological system. But what is a trichological system? The trichological system it is nothing but a modern system of no surgical hair reproduction or more simply a hair system. An old generation wig must not be confused with …

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