Androgenetic Alopecia, differences between men and women


Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common form of hair loss, affecting both men and women in different percentages. What does androgenetic mean? Analyzing the word, we notice that there is a close correlation between two types of factors, those androgenic and hereditary. Those related to hormones and those on a genetic basis. Androgenetic alopecia, commonly …

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Is it possible to cure baldness with nutrition?

Alopecia and Menopause

Proper nutrition can help to enhance hair shininess, hydration, and softness, while also preventing hair loss and fostering regrowth. By now, it is well known that nutrition influences our organism’s health. Therefore, we should not be surprised to know that there is a strong connection between healthy nutrition and stunning hair. First off, one should …

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All about wigs and hair replacement systems

hair system

When I disclose the real number of stock systems in my possession, many clients ask me what a wig or stock hair replacement systems is. In order to reveal my secret I decided to write this short article and describe them. Stock Prostheses are ready-to-use hair systems that can be immediately dispatched. Newlacecu has thousands …

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Partial hair extensions Vs full hair extensions

beauty wig

This is a question that people who wear hair extensions often ask. It is better to wear full or a partial hair extensions? Which are the pros and cons of each? First off, if one has a complete hair loss, the only option is full hair extensions. The hesitation gets the better of those who …

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What is the difference between a laced wig and a regular wig?

hair system

Nowadays, women and girls are affected by a variety of types of alopecia more and more. These range from the most common androgenetic alopecia that affects more than 65% of women over 50, to non-hormonal yet autoimmune alopecia. Amongst the latter, the worst is surely the alopecia areata, which may affect the whole head (complete …

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Pros and cons of Laced hair extensions and replacement system


In this article I am going to explain what a Laced hair replacement system is, and what its pros and cons are. The Laced is a cap, its base consists of a small net to which single strands of hair are hand knotted one by one, through a painstaking handmade job. There are different kinds …

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How to use ORWG GLUE and TAPES on a hair replacement system

Le Blanc hair replacement for alopecia universalis

In this article, we will explain different ways to use hair tapes and glue for our hair systems. First off, these anchoring methods are geared towards those who want to shave the area affected by alopecia and use systems that can be anchored with hair tape or glue. Those who do not want to shave …

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