How to prevent hair loss

Hair Fall

To prevent or decrease hair loss, follow these small but important tips. You eat vitamin C, is in fact a very useful substance to prevent hair loss. Collagen, a protein essential to maintain the good condition of the body’s tissues, is raised in its levels by vitamin C which, moreover, ingested with constancy increases the …

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Wigs for Chemotherapy

hair system

Wigs for Chemotherapy: With Chemotherapy, unfortunately, comes hair loss – which affects remarkably those patients who have to go through such treatment. In fact, amongst all the problems that chemotherapy may cause, for a large number of people the worst consequence is hair loss, which causes significant emotional and social distress. Besides seeing a different …

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Androgenetic Alopecia: What it is and how to fix it


Androgenetic alopecia, also known as common alopecia or with the term baldness, is the most frequent form of hair thinning and falling. The scientific and medical explanation is affected by a series of interconnected factors, embracing substantially different disciplines, including dermatological medicine, endocrinology and various emotional and socio-psychological variables. Genetic, hereditary and enzymatic factors contribute …

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