Can I make a wig out of my own hair?

If you have been diagnosed with any disease or pathology that involves hair loss, surely you have ever wondered if you can make a wig with your own hair. The fact of coping with an illness is already hard in itself, but for many people seeing their hair fall is a real obstacle in their mood and self-esteem. Can I make a wig with my own hair? Yes, so we will answer the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

What is needed to make a wig out of my own hair?

Making a natural hair wig is not easy or cheap, and many factors come into play. The first of these is the hair itself, and that is that for any wig, 3 or 4 pigtails are necessary, at least 30 centimeters long.

With natural hair, wigs for all audiences, oncological wigs or hair prostheses for people suffering from alopecia are not only made, but the hair is also used to make extensions.

In addition to the hair, a standard wig requires a fine mesh net, into which the strands of hair are tied by means of a knotting hook.

How much hair is needed to make a wig

How much hair is needed to make a wig?

As we have already told you, making a natural hair wig requires several strands of hair with a minimum length of 30 centimeters. The best thing is that they reach 35 centimeters, since a little length is always lost when making the wig.

Regarding the quantity, 3 or 4 sections of hair are necessary, which add up to a total of 400 grams. Therefore, the hair of about 4 or 5 people is required, and it is that making a wig is laborious work.

How long does your hair have to measure to make a wig with it?

Although the measurements are updated from time to time, making a wig with the person’s own hair requires pigtails of at least 30 centimeters. In addition to this requirement, it is common for another series of factors to be taken into account.

The first of these is that, although the shape of the hair does not matter, nor does it matter the sex or age of the person who donates it, the hair that is delivered must always be clean, dry and, above all, healthy from the middle to the ends. It does not matter, however, that it is dyed, although there are certain limits when it comes to making wigs with gray hair, since they are more difficult to treat and, therefore, the process is more expensive.

Can I make customized wigs with my own hair?

Of course, because at Newlacecu we can adapt the size of the mesh to the size of your head. The goal is for you to feel comfortable with your hair prosthesis or wig, and even more so if it is made with your own hair.

Making a custom human hair wig is a painstaking process, which can take up to two weeks. However, it offers total customization, since the client can choose from the length to the haircut, including the fastening method and the material of the base.

Is it possible to save money by making a wig with my own hair?

Yes, and it is that using your own natural hair to make a wig allows great savings, since we are talking about the raw material of this product. Specifically, the savings can be between 20 and 50%, so do not hesitate to ask us if you want to make a wig with your hair. Sometimes, the price may increase, since it may be necessary to add other people’s hair, and this does not always come from the client himself.

make a wig out of my own hair

Will the wig with my own hair look real?

Wigs made from natural hair provide a 100% natural look. Even though the strands of hair are tied to an inert surface, the hair still behaves in much the same way as when you enjoyed it on your own skin.

What does this mean? That if it was straight, it will continue to be so, and if it had a tendency to frizz, it will also continue to be so. The only thing in which you have to make a distinction is in the way you style your hair, since washing and drying it is very similar to how you do your own hair.

You should also pay special attention to its hydration, since it will not generate natural grease as it happens with the hair itself. Although you can use your usual shampoo, it is best to use specific products for wig maintenance.

Why buy a wig made with my own hair?

Whatever the cause, losing hair is a painful process. The fall can be temporary, due to chemotherapy treatments, but also permanent in cases of alopecia areata or universal.

A wig is the way in which many people try to bring their old self back to life, and that is that they allow themselves to look in the mirror and recognize themselves. Made from your own hair, wigs or hair prostheses help ensure that there is hardly any difference with how you looked before.

In this way, you will feel much better and your appearance will not change too much. This does not mean that you have to order a wig in the same style as your hair, you can also experiment with cuts and lengths. The goal is for you to feel better in your own skin, and we want to help you do it.

Why buy a wig made with my own hair

Wigs made with our own hair can help us overcome the bump of being diagnosed with a serious disease or certain alopecia. At Newlacecu we want to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us so that we can make the wig or hair prosthesis that you need.

Xiufei Wu

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