How to cut the lace off a wig?

As a general rule, when a wig is received, it comes with a mesh that protrudes from the hairline by a few millimeters. What is there to do with it? As is evident, this mesh could be seen with the naked eye if it is not modified. Is it necessary to do something? Yes, but you don’t have to worry, because we’re telling you everything right now so you don’t freak out when you see all the mesh sticking out of your wig.

So that you can wear your wig without any problem, today we will tell you how to cut the lace off a wig. Stick around and find out all the details about the lace part of your wig!

What is the lace front in a wig?

The frontal lace, known in English as lace front or front lace, is a fine mesh made of lace or tulle. This surface is where the different strands that make up a wig are placed.

As a general rule, it is a process that is carried out by hand. With the frontal lace, the aim is to give realism to the forehead area, where the hair meets the skin in a more visible way.

Being so thin, the front lace manages to give the visual effect of hair growing directly from the scalp. Knowing its importance, how should the front lace be prepared and cut to wear the wig without other people noticing it?

lace front wigs

How to make a wig not look like a wig?

So that a wig does not look too artificial, it is best to always choose wigs made of natural hair. However, it is not the only thing you can do to be completely satisfied with your wig and that it is practically invisible.

If you would like your wig or hair system to be undetectable, it is essential to pay attention to the front lace, the front part of hair systems. Do I have to cut it? Noticeable? Next, we will tell you how to wear a wig without showing the hairline, the most critical point of this type of product, and to do so, all you have to do is cut the lace off a wig.

7 steps to cut the front lace of a wig

In order for it to look natural, the front lace must be completely glued to the forehead area. That this happens like this is not by chance, and it is that you must make sure to always buy a wig of your size, that is, adapted to your own measurements. Otherwise, it may not be fixed correctly or not fit at all.

Even if it is your size, it will bring excess lace, so the most normal thing is to leave about three millimeters wide in the band, so if it measures more, it is necessary to remove all the excess. How? Here comes the step by step!

Get some fabric scissors

Even if you think that any scissors will work, the truth is that it is much better if you use one specially created for cutting fabrics. Lace or tulle is a very delicate material, so it is convenient that you take care of it as much as possible.

Having the correct scissors is not enough, since you also have to see that they are perfectly sharp, since this way the cut will be much cleaner and more efficient and tearing will be avoided. As for the size, there are scissors for large or small textiles, the latter being the best option, since they are much more precise.

Comb the hair of the wig or hairpiece back

When it comes to cutting the front lace, it is enough to cut the excess fabric. Therefore, in order not to take hair from your wig in front, comb the hair back. If you want and it is much more comfortable for you, you can collect your hair in a loose ponytail, so that you can safely cut the front lace.

If you do not want to hold the hair, take care that as you progress in cutting the mesh the hair is always out of the way of the scissors, in order to avoid scares.

Try the wig on before cutting

Before you cut and there is no turning back, put on the wig and position it just at the height you want. For a perfect fit, the wig’s hairline should be slightly below what was/is your natural hairline.

A margin of at least 2 centimeters must be left. The goal is not to notice hair loss at the hairline if the lace is damaged and needs to be cut again.

steps to cut the front lace of a wig

Cut little by little but without fear

So that the fabric does not tear while you start to cut the front lace, it is best to make small cuts in the direction of the center of the hairline. Doing it little by little makes a lot of sense, since the cut is made more easily and it prevents irregular edges from being left.

As you cut, do not forget to stretch the lace, as sometimes it happens that the hairline ends up being accidentally cut.

Check the cut once it’s done

It seems trivial, but reviewing the cut once it is done is essential to achieve a good result. If after cutting the front lace there is still a large width of lace, do not hesitate and give a much more precise pass.

The goal is not to cut the cut between your skin and the beginning of the hair. Most wigs incorporate a totally fine and natural lace, but always look at its characteristics before making your purchase.

It is preferable that it be invisible and undetectable, since this way you will ensure that your appearance will be 100% natural. Thanks to its finish and how the system is integrated, no one will notice that you are wearing a wig.

Put on your wig and enjoy your new hairstyle

Once you finish cutting the front lace as you wish, it is time to try on the wig to see if it fits as we wish. If it is a wig with bangs, for example, the front lace will already be completely hidden.

If the hairstyle is to the sides or backwards, you don’t have to worry either, because these types of wigs are specially created to blend completely with your skin thanks to the lace. All you have to do is fix your wig with wig glue, tape or with the system that it comes with as standard if applicable.

Give the final touch by applying makeup to the front lace of your wig

A very effective trick to make everything look much more natural after cutting the front lace is to apply some powder right on the lace, since it works by covering the holes in the mesh. It is true that the lace is practically imperceptible, but if you want to make sure that it will be like that, a little makeup in the area will not do you any harm.

The good thing about this type of fabric is that it is a very light pink or white color, so using makeup it can be adapted without any problem to all types of skin tones. Even so, there are wigs with the front lace specially designed for black people, with the lace part in this color.

Whether you suffer from some type of alopecia, have lost your hair for some other reason, or want to change your hair style without damaging your natural hair, lace front wigs are one of the best options available to you.

Always try to opt for natural hair wigs, as they offer an optimal result. That, added to the way of cutting the front lace, will make you have the look you want in a very simple way. Remember that it is vital to be comfortable when wearing a wig. Therefore, although the wigs come with a standard front lace, it can be adapted to each case, giving you the natural look you need.

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