Do hair extensions damage natural hair?

Some people decide to buy hair extensions or some types of wigs because they do not have much hair due to alopecia or because of a disease that has caused their loss. However, many others are done with hair extensions or wigs to change the look of their hair, in an attempt to modify their style without damaging their hair.

Sometimes people put in hair extensions without thinking about whether or not it has consequences for their hair. Do hair extensions damage natural hair? In this article, we will give you all the keys so that you can use the hair extensions that you like the most without fear of your hair falling out or deteriorating.

What consequences does putting on hair extensions have?

As with certain hairstyles, such as high ponytails with a lot of tension in the root zone, wearing hair extensions that are incorrectly placed can cause hair loss.

Which is the reason? The main reason is the continuous traction, and it is that if the intensity of the traction is very strong, it is very easy for the natural hair to suffer. However, this is not something that has to happen every time, since if the hair extensions are placed correctly they do not have to damage the hair.

Anyway, throughout this article we will solve your doubts, and we will tell you what side effects the use of hair extensions can have.

Hair loss?

Hair loss due to hair extensions is usually very common in all those cases in which the system is not placed correctly. Some types of hair extensions can break the hair fibers when removed or even pull it down.

On the other hand, and after continued use, traction can end up atrophying the hair follicles, which can lead to thinner hair and the appearance of small bald spots.

This inconvenience can occur from incorrect placement of the hair extensions, but also when selecting hair extensions of the wrong size.

hair extensions damage hair

Scalp injuries?

Using hair extensions improperly can also trigger scalp problems. An example of the lesions that can occur is folliculitis, consisting of inflammation of the hair follicles.

Another inconvenience that can arise when using hair extensions is that some type of allergic or friction reaction may develop. In any of these cases, the most advisable thing in all cases is to remove the hair extensions as soon as possible.

Does the hair get weak?

The hair extensions damage natural hair if they are not placed correctly, as you have already read. Hair loss is not the only problem that can arise from improper use of this type of hair system.

In addition to hair loss, misplaced hair extensions can damage hair, causing hair fibers to break, hair to lose its natural shine, and hair to frizz more easily.

Which hair extensions are best for thin hair?

Tape-in ​​hair extensions are the most suitable type of extensions for fine hair, as they are attached to the natural hair without exerting any tension. In addition, they are very easy to remove, and this is the most critical moment when we talk about the use of extensions.

Among other things, they are perfect for fine hair because they do not require a large amount of natural hair for placement. In addition, they provide a completely natural appearance, since they are very well hidden among the hair itself.

What are the hair extensions that do not damage the hair?

The best hair extensions to avoid damaging your natural hair are the adhesive ones, perfect for fine hair, and the clip in hair extensions. The latter are the easiest to put on and take off, without harming your hair in any way.

Of course, you have to take them off every day and if you sleep with them, they can cause problems in your hair due to friction with the pillow. Normally, they are chosen by many people who want a hairstyle with volume or a longer length for a special event.

different types of hair extensions

What hair extensions are the best for your hair?

At Newlacecu we have a huge assortment of hair extensions at your disposal. All our hair extensions are made with natural hair, which allows them to be shaped and styled to the taste of each person.

The objective of hair extensions is to change a hairstyle easily and without damaging the hair. To do this, you can use different types of hair extensions, such as clip in hair extensions, adhesive extensions, or keratin or microring hair extensions.

Depending on the effect you are looking for and what you want to wear with your hair extensions, it will be better for you to choose one type or another. The fastest to put on and take off are clip in hair extensions.

For their part, adhesive extensions or keratin extensions offer the possibility of wearing them for much longer and, of course, using them later. In the case of the adhesive ones, they can last in perfect condition for about two months, while the keratin ones can last up to four months.

So that they are always perfect after each removal, it is advisable to wash them carefully with specific products for wigs and let them air dry. Being natural hair, they can be dyed without any problem until you get the tone you are looking for. In the case of adhesive extensions, it is also advisable to carefully remove excess adhesive after use.

If you want to avoid hair loss from wearing hair extensions, always keep in mind their placement and what is the most convenient type of extensions for your hair. Extensions damage natural hair hair if misplaced, but if done correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems with hair extensions when styling your hair.

natural hair extensions hair consequences

So that your hair is always healthy, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance and, in the case of those hair extensions that last longer, remove them from time to time. This is because the natural fall of the hair can cause the part where the extension is attached to thin.

Therefore, it is not difficult for the remaining hair to fall out, having to support a greater weight of the relevant extension. With all these tips, do not hesitate to give your hair the change you are looking for without any fear with the hair extensions that you can find at Newlacecu.

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