What is better, wigs or hair extensions?

Which is better, wearing a wig or hair extensions? It is a brief debate, and it is undeniable that there is no discussion if the question is about using wigs or hair extensions when you have little hair or, directly, no hair.

Only a wig can hide the total absence of hair, with a very simple system to put on and take off. Hair extensions, on the other hand, help us to add length or volume to the hair, which is why they require natural hair to be able to hold them.

So that you know in depth what are the advantages of each of these systems, throughout this article we will tell you which is better, using a wig or hair extensions.

What is a wig?

A wig is a hair system that simulates natural hair. It is, therefore, a hairpiece that is used to cover baldness, whether caused by alopecia universalis or areata or by diseases whose treatments cause hair loss.

Currently, there are two types of wigs, those made with natural hair and those made from synthetic fibers. With both types of wigs it is possible to achieve very natural results today, although most people still opt for natural hair wigs, which are somewhat more expensive but also more durable.

Why wear a wig?

A wig is the perfect accessory for all those people who do not want to give up their appearance because they are going through a difficult period. They are also very useful for all those people who like to experiment with their look, but without making their natural hair suffer.

Is it better then to wear a wig or hair extensions? Surely you have seen more than one celebrity wear a wig to completely change their appearance for a few hours. However, wearing a wig is a very personal choice, based on each person’s personal preferences or needs.

why wear a wig

Advantages of wigs

Wear a wig or hair extensions? Wigs offer a number of advantages over hair extensions. They are great allies to change your hairstyle without cutting or coloring your natural hair, but also to recover the appearance you had before going to chemotherapy sessions. Be that as it may, wearing a wig may be an option to consider because:

  • Wigs are highly recommended for use in cases of alopecia or hair loss due to cancer processes. Also for those people with hair with hardly any density due to having it very fine or damaged.
  • The variety of wig models opens up an immense range as far as possibilities of styles, colors and hairstyles are concerned. If you don’t want to risk and damage your hair, this product is the best alternative to take the step of changing your look without fear of regretting it. If you don’t like the hairstyle or feel uncomfortable with the color, just remove the wig and choose another wig if you wish.
  • Wigs are very durable and, treated with the utmost care, can be in perfect condition for more than a year. In the case of synthetic wigs, their durability is somewhat less, although if they are used little, their use can be extended over time.
  • Another factor to take into account when buying a wig is the price. Synthetic ones are usually cheaper, although sometimes they are not very realistic or do not last long enough. If you want your hair to look natural and its price compensates for its durability, it is best to opt for natural hair wigs.
  • One last advantage of wigs has to do with the protection they provide over natural hair. In case you have it and it is damaged, the use of a wig makes it possible to recover those locks while showing off perfect hair.

Disadvantages of wigs

Despite the fact that a wig has great advantages for those who need it, the truth is that sometimes its use generates fears and questions that bring up its possible disadvantages.

  • One of them is that for proper maintenance, it is necessary to remove the wig daily. Can’t sleep with a wig on? As we tell you in this article, the truth is that it is, but if you want to avoid tangling your hair or letting it move out of place, it is best to store it or leave it on a wig stand overnight.
  • Wigs can be used in almost any type of situation, although it is true that in the case of synthetic wigs certain precautions must be taken. An example of this is in the kitchen, and that is that synthetic wigs that are not new generation cannot be used while cooking, since the heat of the oven can cause their fibers to melt.
  • Finally, the most widespread fear, that a wig moves. Using the correct maintenance products for fixing, this should not happen.

What is an extension?

As we have seen, a wig is a hair system that covers the entire head, thanks to a mesh that simulates the shape of the scalp. Hair extensions, meanwhile, are loose strands or curtains of hair. If you still doubt between using a wig or hair extensions, you should know that the latter are placed by adding them to the hair itself, with the aim of providing the desired volume and length. 

All hair extensions on the market have this purpose, although they can be found in different types depending on their placement system.

Types of hair extensions

Broadly speaking, we can say that there are two types of hair extensions, temporary hair extensions and fixed hair extensions. Among the first, clip-in hair extensions stand out, the most common on the market.

The main reason is that this type of hair extensions is placed and removed in a very simple way, so you can do it yourself at home. In the case of fixed extensions of natural hair, it is best to always place them in a beauty salon.

The most common systems are the adhesive, the nano ring or the micro ring, each of them indicated for a different type of hair. The professional in charge of placing your fixed extensions will not only have to choose the system that best suits your hair, but also determine the exact number of hair extensions that you need to guarantee a natural result.

wear wigs or hair extensions which is better

Advantages of hair extensions

Except for temporary hair extensions, the fixed ones cannot be removed after a while of use. Among the advantages of this type of system, it stands out that:

  • It allows you to achieve all kinds of hairstyles without the need to cut or grow your hair, which is why they are very popular on special occasions.
  • They are very safe if they are placed correctly, achieving perfect hair and the desired finish.
  • If they are made with natural hair, they give a much more natural result than if you use a synthetic wig.

Disadvantages of hair extensions

However, although hair extensions have these advantages, the truth is that they also have some cons.

  • If they are not placed correctly, they can lead to hair loss. Above all, when removing them, you have to be very careful.
  • They can be somewhat expensive and difficult to maintain, although if you follow the manufacturer’s advice there should be no problem.
  • They can get tangled in your hair, so you have to pay special attention when styling it.

After reading all this, have you come to any conclusion about whether it is better to wear a wig or hair extensions? As we have told you throughout this article, hair extensions are a very useful accessory to give hair length and volume.

They can be used on all kinds of hair, even the finer and less dense ones. However, in cases where the absence of hair is quite noticeable, it is best to opt directly for a wig, as long as you want to maintain the previous appearance.

Which is better, wearing wigs or hair extensions

Looking in the mirror and having the hair we want is important, because it raises our self-esteem and helps us stay positive. Of course, wigs are also still a product that can be used to change your hairstyle for a few hours, just like in the movies, where the characterization of characters often requires the use of this type of product.

If you still have doubts about whether to wear a wig or hair extensions, don’t wait any longer and contact us. Our staff will help you choose the hair system that best suits your situation and your needs.

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