How to cut a wig at home

Currently, a wide variety of wigs are available on the market, with totally different styles, colors and lengths. It is true that, despite the fact that we have many options within our reach, sometimes we want to change our hairstyle but not our wig.

It is not always possible or desirable to invest in several wig models, so that you can change the cut, color or hairstyle in a matter of seconds. For this reason, in this article we will tell you how to cut a wig at home, so that you can give your hair a change of look, whether it is synthetic or natural.

5 Steps to cut the hair of your wig or hair prosthesis at home

Changing the style of a wig requires some patience, although they are generally very simple processes. New generation natural hair prostheses and synthetic fiber wigs can be styled at home, as well as dyed if desired, as we tell you in this article.

In the case of a haircut, the same thing happens, and if you have a knack, you can give a new style to the wig without any problem at home. If you don’t dare, you can also go to a hairdresser, although for certain haircuts it is not necessary at all.

Although there are a thousand and one styles of wigs, it may happen that you do not find one that suits what you are looking for. This is where the scissors and your desire to be a hairdresser at home come into play.

That everything goes well, it is not a matter of luck, but of practice, patience and using quality professional scissors, since not any type of scissors will work. Having said all this, do you want to know how to cut a wig at home?

1. Place the wig on a stand

The first step when cutting a wig is to place it on a stable and suitable surface. The best thing in all cases is always to use a wig stand and fix your wig on it by means of pins.

In order for the wig to be perfectly fixed to the support, the trick is to place part of the pins along the lace line and others in the part of the ears. Once this is done and before starting with the cut, make sure that the support is completely straight, otherwise your wig may end up with a somewhat asymmetrical cut.

steps to know how to cut a wig at home

2. Comb the wig

For the result of the haircut to be satisfactory, the wig must be completely free of tangles. To do this, it is enough to pass a comb or brush for a few minutes through each lock and carefully to avoid breaking the fibers.

If you need it, use a styling product to help soften the fibers of the wig before combing it.

3. Separate the hair into sections

It’s time to move on to the haircut! To do this, it is necessary to separate the hair into several sections. Specifically and to begin with, in two, separating the hair that remains on the ears from the hair that remains below them.

As if you were a professional hairdresser, separating the sections of the hair helps to achieve a much more polished and fine result. Also, once you cut the first layer of hair the way you want, that part will serve as a guide for the rest of the parts.

how to cut the bangs of a wig at home

4. Start cutting the hair

To cut a wig at home smoothly, one of the things you have to keep in mind is order, as well as being careful and not cutting too much. Once the hair is separated into sections, you should always start with the section below.

All you have to do is determine the length you want, always taking care not to overdo it too much. The hair of a wig does not grow, so it is important that you measure the part you want to cut before you regret it and it is too late to go back.

When you have chosen the length, place your fingers holding a small section of hair with the middle and index fingers, simulating the position of a scissor. In this way, the hair lies flat and not bunched up, which makes it easier to cut.

As we already told you, you have to be patient, since you will have to cut the hair of the wig little by little, taking the strands separately. Regarding the cutting angle, you can place the scissors at a 45º angle, as it will leave a very natural finish.

If you are a beginner at this, it is better that you choose to place the scissors at a right angle. With these tips for cutting a wig at home, it will be very easy for you to cut your wig.

With great care, strand by strand and section by section, you will get the cut you want in just a few minutes. It can be a simple straight cut, but you can also bet on a layered cut, the process of which requires a little more time.

Once you have finished, always remember to check your work, as sometimes small hairs or uncut hair may remain. If you want, you can also make a layered haircut in the front of your hair.

5. Do not forget the bangs

If your wig doesn’t have bangs but you’re looking forward to a drastic change of hairstyle, you can shape this part however you like at home. Straight, irregular, curtain or mullet…

There are types of bangs for all tastes, so the first thing you have to be clear about is what style you want. Natural hair grows and you can remedy a badly cut bang or a bang that you don’t like later.

Wigs, meanwhile, require thinking twice. If you already have it very clear, we have to teach you how to cut a wig at home so that you can have fashionable and spectacular bangs.

In the case of this area of ​​the hair, there are two very simple tricks to know how it will look on us. The first is to use mobile or web applications where you can try hairstyles. The second way is with the wig itself, for which you will have to put it on and play a little with the strands of hair.

Something very advisable is that, with the wig on, you mark the length you want with a hairpin, so that later it is easier for you to remember the length before cutting a wig at home. After this step, repeat the same operation as for the haircut, placing your wig on a stand, unless you want to do it directly with the wig on, which is also possible.

From there and depending on the type of bangs and thickness you want, you will have to take more or less hair. Once you decide, comb the hair very well forward and start cutting it little by little and in layers.

In this way, the cut will be much more natural and you can use the cut of the first section as a reference for the length for the rest. Do not forget also not to go too far, since in this area it is better not to go there than to cut too much.

how to cut a wig at home natural and synthetic hair

And with these tips, we finish our article on how to cut a wig at home, very useful content if you want to change the style of your wig without spending more money. Before cutting your wig, we recommend taking a look at the different haircuts and bangs, to find out which one best suits your face.

It is normal that, after a while, the style of our hair bores us. So don’t be afraid to restyle your natural or synthetic wig at home. If you have a problem with your wig, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you in everything that is in our power.

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