Every year new trends emerge in terms of hairstyles for events. Although wigs such as synthetic ones already come with a preset style, the truth is that you can modify the hairstyle of your synthetic wigs, as if it were natural hair.

If we talk about natural hair wigs, there is no problem, and that is that they can be given the desired shape at all times. Knowing that you can get an ideal hairstyle for every occasion even wearing a wig, do you dare to read our list with 3 types of hairstyles for wigs for events?

What are the best hairstyles for wigs to attend an event?

If you are going through a complicated process, it is normal that the state of your hair or its absence can overwhelm you. Fortunately, nowadays wigs allow you to style them as you want without any problems, even synthetic ones.

Combing a wig is very simple and getting the style you want too. Either with heat tools or simply with the help of a comb and fixing products, you will wear the hairstyle that you like best on any special occasion. Do you want to know what our 3 types of hairstyles for wigs for favorite events are?


Have you been invited to a celebration or important event and you don’t know what to do to your hair? Even wearing a wig you don’t have to give up your personal style. To do this, one of the simplest but most colorful and elegant wig hairstyles that you can do is a braid.

There are a thousand styles, which we will talk about below. With so many options out there, you don’t have to worry if you’re not too comfortable with hairstyles, as they are quite easy to do.

Basic Hair Braids

It is the braid of a lifetime, with three strands. You can previously make a ponytail so that it is much easier for you to control the strands, in addition to choosing their thickness. You can knot three strands taking all the hair, or take much finer strands and create small basic braids in specific parts of the hair.

Fishstyle Braid

We continue with our list of hairstyles for wigs with herringbone braids, which became very fashionable a few years ago. With a finish that resembles that of a herringbone, this braid style is characterized by having a casual style.

You can style your wig with a very tight braid, although the most common is to gradually loosen the strands once the braid is done, for a more natural and informal look. With a thin headband or small flowers along the braid, it is perfect for celebrations of all kinds.

Inverted braid

The inverted, French, Dutch or boxer braid has been a type of braid widely seen in gyms, and it is that they perfectly collect the hair in a very comfortable way. Although it may seem like an inappropriate hairstyle for wigs, they look just as divine for events.

In fact, surely you have ever seen a girl with this type of braids during the day of her communion. To make them, strands are taken along the length of the hair and tied in the opposite way to the basic braid, crossing the strands below instead of above.

Braid on the forehead

How to hide the wig with hairstyles for wigs? As if it were a headband, the braid on the forehead is the perfect braid style to hide the beginning of the wig, since it adds volume to the area and covers the hairline. Although with her natural hair, the YouTuber Rosy McMichael resorted to this type of hairstyle while her hair grew from the area of ​​​​the forehead after a hair transplant.

Headband braid

It is a very fashionable romantic style that is reminiscent of the goddesses of Ancient Greece. Specifically, and as its name indicates, it consists of making a braid and placing it so that it looks like a headband.

When making this hairstyle for wigs, you choose the type of braid or its thickness, although the most common is that they are basic braids of an intermediate thickness.


Buns are also a very popular hairstyle for those who wear a wig. Like braids, there are a thousand and one types, although in this sense it is always recommended to make low buns and take advantage of part of the hair from the forehead area to cover the hairline.

Do you want hairstyle ideas for wigs with buns to wear at various events or celebrations? Grab a pen and paper and take aim!

Ballerina bun

The first bun we want to talk about is the ballerina bun, which is none other than the one worn by classical ballet dancers. Although it is a stylish and quite classic type of bun, it is an option that you can give a modern touch to.

How? The key to this type of hairstyle for wigs is to leave a few locks of hair loose on the sides or to modify the classic version by making the bun higher or lower. This wig hairstyle is ideal for events of all kinds, from the most formal to the most informal, so don’t hesitate to wear one of these buns from time to time.

Chignon bun

Audrey Hepburn wore it on the big screen in the hit Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It is a timeless, classic and elegant option, perfect for events such as a wedding or a baptism.

If you have opted for a very formal look, this bun style is the one you need. Even if you are wearing a wig, do not be afraid, since you can manage to wear this wig hairstyle without any problem, as long as the length of the hair is adequate to make the bun.

Braided bun

The braided bun is, by far, the most youthful and modern hairstyle option of all those that we present to you in the section dedicated to buns. Doing it is very simple, and all you have to do is tie your hair into a ponytail and, with it, make a braid.

Once done, all you have to do is wrap the braid around itself, giving it the shape of a bun. If you have a way with your hair, you can give it an extra touch, with small braids that go from the forehead to the bun area.

Messy chignon

This trend is very similar to make up no make up, but in a matter of hairstyles for wigs. Why? Well, because it is about making a bun that looks somewhat poorly done, disheveled, as its name suggests.

With this style you can get very cute buns, the final finish of which will depend on your preferences. For events they are very beautiful buns, although you should not mess up the locks too much or it will be too disheveled, like walking around the house.


Another type of hairstyles for wigs for events that never goes out of style are those with pigtails. As in other styles, there are different types of ponytails that you can make, one perfect for every occasion. Next, we will talk about our favorites.


With the roots well taut, the ponytail is an elegant and sophisticated hairstyle option. It was, for a long time, the hallmark of the singer Ariana Grande and can be done with completely straight hair or with a more casual style, with a ponytail full of volume.

For weddings or formal dinners, they are a very practical hairstyle option but, above all, quick to do. For a final touch, you can hide the scrunchie with a small lock of the wig’s own hair.

Low ponytail

We went from one extreme to the other and changed from the high or ponytail to the low ponytail, a very versatile and elegant option when it comes to hairstyles for wigs. On this occasion, it is a hairstyle suitable for all types of hair, and it is that they look good on long-haired wigs, but also on short-haired ones.

Regarding its finish, you decide if you want a more formal or more informal wig hairstyle, with a somewhat looser ponytail, with straight, curly or wavy hair. Also, to give your hairstyle more life, you can always add a headband, scarf or bandana to match your clothes and shoes.

Pigtails with braids

If we give the aforementioned wig hairstyles a twist, the truth is that, as in the case of braided buns, pigtails can also be combined with braids.

How? Very easy, and it is enough to make a ponytail and, from there, a braid with the style that you prefer to finish off the hairstyle of your wig for an event.


Not everything is a matter of hairstyles for wigs for events, since sometimes only hair extensions are required. In this case, you can opt for those with which to achieve greater hair density, always choosing the one that best suits the length and color of your natural hair.

At Newlacecu we have a wide variety of hair products so that, whatever happens to your hair, there is always a solution. If you want a specific style of wig, we can make it happen, but don’t forget that you can style your wig at home without any problem. Buy your wig in our online store and give it the style you want with the ideas that we give you in this list of hairstyles for wigs, both synthetic and natural hair.

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