How to style a synthetic wig so as not to damage it

When shopping for a wig, questions often arise as to whether a synthetic wig or a natural wig is better. Added to the doubts about the cost are those that have to do with the quality of the material or durability. Another very important aspect that generates confusion is about the style and that is… can you style a synthetic wig?

In this article, we will tell you how to style a synthetic wig so as not to damage it. Thus, you will always wear your synthetic hair in perfect condition at all times. It does not matter if your synthetic wig is short, long, curly or with straight hair as we have advice for all models. Let’s go there!

How to style a short synthetic wig?

In order for a synthetic wig to look natural, the characteristic shine of the material with which it is made must first be removed. In this article we already tell you how to do it, so today it’s your turn to style your wig.

How to style synthetic wigs? Combing a synthetic wig requires a series of care, such as moisturizing your wig. Doing it is very simple, since you will only need cold water and a specific wig conditioner for synthetic hair. After a few minutes in the water and after rinsing and drying it, your prosthesis is ready to use.

The good thing about synthetic hair wigs is that they retain their style, although if you want to change it you can do it using heat tools, as long as your wig is of a new generation.

damaged synthetic hair can be styled a synthetic wig

How to untangle a long synthetic wig?

The problem with wigs comes when the hair is long, since there is much more chance of knots and tangles. In this case, it is recommended to use a special wide-toothed brush or comb and comb the hair after spraying it with a mixture of water and conditioner.

The correct way to brush synthetic hair so that it does not become damaged is by combing the wig from the ends to the roots, removing the knots with great care and patience. In this way, your synthetic wig will be perfectly styled without any risk of damaging it during the process.

How to style a wavy synthetic wig?

Wavy hair is very stylish and looks great on many people. But, when using a synthetic hair wig with this hairstyle, it is normal for several doubts to arise in this regard.

How do you style wavy hair synthetic wigs? Synthetic wigs are capable of maintaining their style intact throughout their useful life. However, if you want to wave a straight hair wig, you need to consider whether your wig is heat resistant.

If it is, you will be able to make light waves with a very natural look with your hair iron or curling iron without any problem.

ironing new generation synthetic wigs

How to style a synthetic curly wig?

Styling a curly synthetic wig is very simple, and it requires little care to maintain its style. Despite this, it pays to pay some attention to your hair system, as there are ways to make synthetic hair look quite natural.

What you have to do to keep both your synthetic wig and your hairstyle in perfect condition is to untangle it with a wide-toothed comb. Whether on a cork head or on a flat surface, the next step is to comb it little by little, always wet and after applying a conditioning spray that facilitates combing.

To finish, it is necessary to remove the excess water with a towel, let it air dry or dry it with a hairdryer and, finally, comb it very gently with a comb or with your own fingers.

Why does the hair of the wigs get tangled?

The hair of the wigs does not get rid of the dreaded tangles, and there are situations in which it is logical that they occur, such as when it is windy and the hair is ruffled.

Other than for obvious reasons, synthetic wigs can suffer from tangling and knotting because they lack the natural oils that natural hair produces. This natural oil is important, as it helps prevent human hair from getting so tangled.

Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to your synthetic wig if you want to avoid the formation of tangles that compromise the useful life of your product.

Wide-toothed comb for styling synthetic wigs

How to prevent the hair of your synthetic wig from tangling?

Synthetic wigs are low-maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect them. Washing them once a week is enough, since they don’t get dirty like natural hair would.

However, if you want to get rid of tangles, it is advisable to always comb your wig before and after washing it, moisturize it frequently, leave it on a wig stand when you are not wearing it, and lastly, always use hair products. suitable for them.

What comb for synthetic wigs to use?

When it comes to synthetic wigs, you should never, under any circumstances, use a hairbrush. Instead, what you should use is a wide-toothed synthetic wig comb, since they are totally respectful of the hair fibers, preventing them from being damaged when combing.

Now that you know how to style a synthetic wig so as not to damage it, don’t hesitate to spend a few minutes on your wig so that it looks like the first day. At Newlacecu, we have all the products you need so that your synthetic wig is impeccable at all times, as well as the best wigs and hair prostheses for men and women.

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