How much does a natural hair wig cost?

If you are going through an oncological process or have been diagnosed with some type of alopecia, a solution to the absence of hair involves the purchase of a wig. On the market, there are different alternatives, such as synthetic hair or natural hair, but how much does a natural hair wig cost?

Although synthetic hair wigs have gained in quality over the years, the truth is that natural hair wigs are still the best sellers when it comes to long-term use. However, when buying them, doubts continue to arise about their quality and, above all, about how the prices of a natural hair wig.

How can I tell if a wig is natural hair?

In this article we are going to give you all the keys so that you know the price of a wig or hair prosthesis made with natural hair. The first key to determining the material of a wig before having it in our hands is its price.

Yes, and it is that a natural hair wig is always going to be more expensive than a synthetic hair one, although every day it is easier to find cheap natural hair wigs, like this wig model made with European hair for women or this frontal prosthesis for men.

Once you have received the wig, the differences between one and the other are usually very evident due to the texture and finish, although if you are still not sure, there is a small test that you can do. It consists, specifically, in burning the hair.

It may sound scary, but it’s a quick way to tell if you’ve been taken in a poke and that is that while natural hair turns to ash once burned, synthetic hair shrinks and turns into small balls.

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Where to buy natural hair wigs?

At Newlacecu we have a wide selection of hair prostheses for men and wigs for women. In our online store you can find a wide variety of styles, so whatever hairstyle you are looking for, you will find it.

In addition to various styles, we also sell prostheses and wigs made from different types of hair. One of the best types of hair for a wig is European, so these prostheses will have a slightly higher price than those made, for example, with Asian hair.

Other types of hair that stand out for their quality are REMY hair and Russian hair, both of which are in high demand for making wigs. At Newlacecu you can find prostheses made with these raw materials, such as our Russian hair prosthesis or this REMY hair prosthesis.

Our handmade natural hair wigs have a high quality and a very competitive price, as you will see in the following lines. Are you going to miss it?

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How much does a natural hair wig cost?

At Newlacecu we have wigs and hair prostheses at different prices. Broadly speaking, the price of a natural hair wig for men starts at around 150 euros. For this cost, you can find high-quality options like this knotted skin prosthesis, a strong and durable alternative despite its low price. For something more, we have available other models of resistant hair prosthesis and the CROCE hair system.

Regarding the price of natural hair wigs for women, the cost of the cheapest ranges between 150 and 200. In this price range you can find options like this modern bob wig model.

However, the most common natural hair wig price is usually around 300 or 400 euros, with models like this New York system wig made with European hair or our invisible wig.

Of course, there are expensive human hair wigs, with a much higher price tag due to the exceptional quality of their hair. This is the case of, for example, this wig made with Russian hair.

Why are natural hair wigs more expensive?

As it is a natural raw material and whose origin is in a person, getting this type of hair is much more complicated than directly manufacturing synthetic hair. To make a natural hair wig, you have to wait for the hair of the donor or person who sells it to grow.

But that is not enough, and it is that for the elaboration of a wig the hair of between 3 and 5 people is needed, which is also subjected to long treatment processes before it is sold. Although they are more expensive than synthetic wigs, it is worth investing in a human hair wig as they provide a much more natural look and last longer.

How much does a natural hair wig cost

You already know how much a natural hair wig costs. Sometimes the total price will depend on whether you request a different style for a given prosthesis or wig or the length of the wig, especially in the case of natural wigs for women.

If you want to buy cheap natural hair wigs for men or women, pay attention to our discounts. Find the best wigs and natural hair hair systems at the best price at Newlacecu and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our handmade and custom-made hair systems.

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