What is the best type of hair for a wig?

On the market there are wigs, hair prostheses or extensions made with various types of hair, both synthetic and natural. Each of them has specific characteristics that are worth taking into account when choosing a wig.

From one type of hair to another, the texture or thickness varies and, therefore, today we will tell you what is the best type of hair for a wig. Do you want to know it?

Natural hair wig

Each race has some differential aspects and one of them is the hair. As you will have seen throughout your life, hair is not the same for everyone and the biggest differences are usually seen between people from different backgrounds.

In Africa, curly hair predominates, in South America, thick, strong and shiny hair… Next, we will talk about what type of hair you can find in natural hair wigs and hair prostheses and what are the main qualities of each of them.

European Hair Wigs

For the manufacture of European hair prostheses, hair from people from Eastern Europe is usually used as raw material. It is rare to find them in natural hair wig stores, as they are one of the best in terms of quality.

Normally, they are marketed in already defined styles although, if you wish, at Newlacecu we can modify it to suit your taste in terms of haircut, hairstyle and color.

What makes European hair special? This type of hair is soft, fine and not very porous, which provides a magnificent result. Untreated, it also has the ideal caliber, about 0.040 millimeters per hair.

European Hair Wigs
European Hair Wig What is the best type of hair for a wig
European Hair Wigs

South American Hair Wigs

This type of hair has a high price, and its quality is unmatched. The main reason is its thickness, which reaches 0.045 millimeters untreated. This reason and its shine and softness make it one of the most desired options for making wigs.

Although, like European hair, we are talking about soft, fine hair with little porosity. At first glance it is possible to tell the difference between one and the other. Regarding its origin, specifically this type of hair usually originates from countries such as Colombia, Brazil or Ecuador.

Indian hair wigs

If South American hair already offered great thickness, Indian hair is not far behind. It is the thickest type of hair that exists and, in a virgin state, it can have a thickness of up to 0.065 millimeters.

When used in wigs or extensions, Indian hair can either be left in its natural state or treated with industrial processes to give it a new shape or colour.

Indian hair wigs
Indian hair wigs types of hair for wigs and hair prosthesis
Indian hair wigs What is the best type of hair for a wig

Asian Hair Wigs

Asian hair presents a series of qualities that are modified to give it less thickness. It is very straight and stiff hair, and surely you have seen how Asian men are capable of combing their hair up without a problem.

Regarding color, black predominates in this type of hair, due to the presence of eumelanins. They are lower quality wigs than European hair, which has an impact on their price, which is much cheaper.

Russian hair wigs

Russian hair has a very high quality, which makes it a highly coveted type of hair for the manufacture of wigs. Its biggest advantage is that, thanks to it, you can get wigs made with natural blonde hair.

This is highly beneficial, since they allow you to enjoy wigs with a radiant color that will last much longer, as they have not been subjected to chemical processes.

REMY Human Hair Wigs

We come to REMY hair, hair with a superior quality thanks to the way in which it has been treated. What sets it apart? In this case, the hair keeps its cuticle intact, with the natural protection that this provides.

Russian hair wigs What is the best type of hair for a wig

It is very natural and integrates the hairline as if it were real, making it a very popular option in many cases. As for the type of hair used, this can be of any origin.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

To finish this article, we cannot leave synthetic hair wigs aside, because they are an alternative for all those who do not want to invest in a natural hair wig.

Unlike natural hair wigs, synthetic fiber wigs have a much shorter duration, a maximum of one year. They are, therefore, a temporary or exceptional solution in many cases.

The hair of this type of wig is made with materials such as nylon or with state-of-the-art systems, offering an infinite number of haircuts, colors and hairstyles. However, in most models it is not possible to change their style, since they are not heat resistant.

What is the best type of hair for a wig? The truth is that each of the types of hair that exist have different characteristics. Depending on what you are looking for in a wig, one or another type of hair will be better in each case.

Of course, at Newlacecu we have our favorites, and it cannot be denied that European or Russian hair wigs have excellent quality. Knowing all this information, what kind of hair do you prefer?

Xiufei Wu

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