How to dye a natural hair wig?

Do you have a wig made with human hair and you don’t like its tone anymore? Natural hair wigs offer many possibilities in terms of style and hairstyle. Do you want to know how to dye a natural hair wig?

Although today, there are hair prostheses of various hair tones, the truth is that at some point you may want to change your style. Therefore, if you want to give your hair a new color, do not hesitate to read this article with all our advice.

Can a natural hair wig be dyed?

When buying a natural hair wig, surely you have ever wondered if it is possible to change its style. The answer is yes, and it is that hair systems made with human hair can be handled in the same way as natural hair.

However, and when it comes to dyeing them, it is necessary to follow a series of steps so as not to ruin the hair or the mesh. Do you want to know what is the procedure to dye a natural hair wig?

The truth is that the procedure itself is very simple, since they are dyed exactly the same as natural hair. First, you have to mix the dye with a color activator in a plastic container.

Then, leave it to act for the time indicated by the manufacturer and, finally, remove it carefully so as not to stain the mesh. What else must be taken into account to obtain a good result?

can you dye a natural hair wig

Find out if the wig has been pre-treated

When it comes to dyeing a natural hair wig, it is essential to know if the hair is virgin or if it has already been dyed on some occasion. Virgin hair allows much more precise changes, while already dyed hair may require bleaching to achieve certain tones in many cases.

If you have bought your wig at Newlacecu, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can tell you if your hair system has been dyed or not before it is sold.

Consider the type of hair

Natural hair wigs are made with different types of hair. European, Russian, Indian, Asian… Each of them has a different texture and thickness, so the dye will not work the same on all of them.

If you have questions about your hair system, don’t hesitate to ask us so we can help you get the color you want. We have natural hair wigs in a wide range of shades, although if the shade you want is not in our catalog, we can help you find it.

Cover the hair with a thermal cap when dyeing it

Humans have an approximate body temperature of between 35 and 37 degrees. This contributes to some extent to the dyes penetrating the hair cuticle but, in the case of wigs, it is difficult to take advantage of.

Even so, it is possible to enhance the effect of dyes thanks to aluminum foil. Just like they do in hairdressers, silver foil can be placed on the prosthetic strands, as it is a material that holds heat and helps activate hair products.

How to dye a natural hair wig at home or at the salon

Choose products that are respectful of your hair

There are dozens of different dyes on the market. Professionals, for domestic use… Our natural hair grows, so in case of damage, it can be solved over time.

We cannot say the same about natural hair wigs, since once your hair is damaged it is very difficult to recover it. Don’t be afraid of dyes, but to prevent premature deterioration, always use organic oil-based dyes or bleaches when dyeing a natural hair wig.

In this way, you will not apply components such as alcohol, ammonia or different types of silicone to the delicate hair of your prosthesis. Of course, it goes without saying that you should not use, under any circumstances, dyes for clothes or other materials to dye the hair of your wig.

After dyeing, don’t forget to wash your natural hair wig with specific products for prosthetics, such as sulfate-free shampoo and restructuring cream.

Use a mannequin

Coloring your hair at home can be cumbersome, so if you’re wearing a wig, feel free to use a mannequin or other surface to support it while you color. In this way, you will be able to dye your prosthesis with much more care and with the guarantee that you will not leave a strand without covering it with product.

When dyeing a natural hair wig, using a mannequin is also much more convenient in a matter of time. You will save carrying the wig loaded with product during the time it must be applied.

If you don’t trust that the dyeing process of your wig ends well, you can always choose to go to a beauty salon. In many of them, they have professionals who are prepared to work with wigs, with techniques to cut, style and dye them with great care.

how to Dye a natural hair wig

Choosing to go to experts is the best in cases where you want to make a radical change to the appearance of the wig, either with fantasy colors or powerful bleaching for balayage-type styles.

Now that you know how to dye a natural hair wig, go ahead and give your hair prosthesis a change. At Newlacecu we can help you so that your hair system always adapts to your personal tastes and the style you are looking for at all times.

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