What happens if I wear a wig every day?

When it comes to using a wig or hair prosthesis, surely dozens of doubts arise daily. It does not matter if you use this product because you suffer from alopecia areata or universalis or if you use it to cover your own hair, which creates even more fears. In fact, there are always two questions that go through the heads of all users and they are none other than knowing what happens if I wear a wig every day and if it is a myth or not that they cause hair loss.

Throughout this article, we will talk about everything you may be wondering if your intention is to wear a wig every day. Buying the right size, washing our wig or hair prosthesis or using quality products for its placement are just some of the tips that you will see below.

Do wigs damage natural hair?

On many occasions, wearing wigs on a daily basis is merely for fun. Wanting to try a new style or simply enjoy a day with a different hairstyle without damaging natural hair, you can go through the purchase of a wig, either natural or synthetic hair.

In this regard, a quite logical doubt may arise. Will wearing a wig or a hair system damage my hair? The truth is that no, although it must be taken into account that misuse can cause the hair to suffer.

So that our hair does not lose its luster because of a wig, it is important to buy the right size, in addition to washing it frequently with shampoo and conditioner so that it does not accumulate dirt. It is also very important to always purchase wig models that allow the scalp to perspire and not to use adhesives very frequently, as this could break the hair fibers and even cause the hair to fall out.

wear a wig daily

How to properly remove the wig day by day?

It is not necessary to remove the wig every day, although it should be done often so that the hair can breathe. Hair is hardened keratin, so it is a part of our anatomy that does not have nerve endings and therefore has no life.

Its manipulation is painless, since the only thing alive in this tissue is what is hidden inside our scalp. Even so, the hair suffers and gets damaged, so if you wear a wig or a hair prosthesis on your hair, you must follow some minimum rules for its care.

Can you sleep with a wig on?

Nowadays, the glues and adhesive tapes that are used for the placement of wigs offer a high hold. For this reason, many people decide to save time and not remove their wig or hair prosthesis every day, since they can be slept with without problems.

To take into account, it is true that it is advisable to use some kind of silk cap or tie the hair in a braid or ponytail, since the friction of the wig with the pillow can detach it prematurely if you decide to wear a wig daily.

Does wearing wigs prevent hair growth?

Wearing a wig every day does not stop hair growth and, in fact, it is evident in the case of cancer patients. Surely you have noticed that, despite wearing a wig daily, once the chemotherapy treatment is finished, the hair grows back under this product.

As we have told you, the living tissue of the hair is located just under the skin of the scalp. Therefore, even if a wig or hair prosthesis is used, the hair will continue to grow without any problem. It must be taken into account, of course, that misuse of wigs can cause damage to the hair, so you must always choose high-quality products and use them properly.

What happens if I wear a wig every day

The importance of having spare wigs

If you wear wigs every day, having a spare wig is essential. As we have already told you, you have to wash the wig or hair prosthesis that we are using every few days and, to continue enjoying the style that we want in our hair, what better than having a replacement that ensures that we are always ready.

Having two wigs will not only help you so that no unforeseen hair event ruins your plans, but it will also help both products last even longer.

What happens if I wear a wig daily?

The technology with which wigs and hair prostheses are manufactured today means that both products do not damage the hair. Its antiperspirant fabric helps keep our own hair healthy and shiny and, even if you notice that after removing the wig or hair prosthesis, the hair is matted and lifeless, all you have to do is wash it and it will be perfect as always.

Wearing a wig every day can be very necessary in cases of alopecia areta or universalis or in people who have lost their hair due to medical processes. If you need a wig or a hair prosthesis and now that you know that they do not damage your natural hair, do not hesitate to contact us to help you find the perfect product for you. We are manufacturers of high quality wigs and hair prostheses, both for men and women. With our hair systems and our advice, you will never again ask yourself what happens if I wear a wig every day.

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