How to care for a synthetic wig and a natural wig

The hair systems industry has evolved, creating natural and synthetic hair wigs that hide 100% and naturally the absence of hair. Deciding between one or another type of wig is not always easy, and sometimes doubts arise about its maintenance.

To avoid all the confusion that can arise around this topic, today we will tell you how to care for a synthetic wig and a natural wig and what maintenance products you need for each of them. Do you want to see all our tips to enjoy a wig always in perfect condition?

Natural or synthetic hair wig, how to care for them correctly?

Human hair and synthetic hair wigs have a huge number of differences that make them a suitable product for different target audiences.

Whichever you choose, there is something common to both types, and that is that it is necessary to take care of them periodically so that they remain in perfect condition for longer. Do you want to know how to do it? Let’s start!

How to keep a synthetic wig in good condition?

Keeping a synthetic wig in top condition is much easier than you might think. All it takes is patience, following a series of steps, and good products for washing synthetic wigs.

How are synthetic wigs styled?

The first thing for a synthetic wig to look shiny for much longer is to comb it, and here any comb is not worth it. You must always use a comb for synthetic wigs, which are characterized by having wide teeth, which untangle the hair without mistreating it.

Forget the classic hairbrushes and never, under any circumstances, comb your wet or wet wig. As with natural hair, to untangle the hair without breaking it, it will be necessary to ascend with gentle movements from the ends to the roots.

How to wash a synthetic wig?

The second step to have a wig always ready is to wash it. In the case of artificial wigs, it must be done with lukewarm or cold water, since many models of synthetic wigs cannot withstand high temperatures.

The best way to wash your wig in these cases is to soak it for about 30 minutes in cold water, to which you should add a little specific shampoo for this type of wig.

Since these are synthetic wig washing products, you will not need to rub or comb the wig at any time during this process. After the shampoo, it is time to rinse the hair and apply a mask that, after a few minutes, will also have to be removed.

How to dry a synthetic wig?

Please note that if hot water cannot be used to wash the wig, heat cannot be applied with any type of tool either. It is true that some wigs are resistant to high temperatures and can be shaped with a dryer, hair irons or curling irons.

However, if you want your synthetic wig to last much longer, it needs to be air dried. The recommended thing to make it dry faster is to absorb, without rubbing, the excess water that it may have, to later place it on a support where it will dry on its own.

Once it is completely dry, you can comb it again with the bristle comb or your own fingers and put it back on. The best thing about this type of wig compared to natural hair is that it does not require such frequent maintenance, since normally you will have to wash it every 15 or even 20 days without a problem. Also, if you wash it in the afternoon, it may dry completely overnight, so you can safely use it again the next day.

With all these tips on how to wash and care for a synthetic wig, you’ll get perfect hair every time. Now let’s see how to care for a natural wig, the style preferred by many people who have lost their hair due to the greater number of possibilities they offer.

How to care for a synthetic wig and a natural wig heat tools

How is the care of natural wigs?

Natural wigs can be made with different types of hair. Russian, Indian, European… Whatever the origin of the hair, they have the same thing in common, that in all cases it is natural hair donated by another human being.

How do you take care of these wigs to take advantage of them for as long as possible? Unlike synthetic wigs, natural hair wigs suffer, to some extent, just as the hair on our heads would. Its fibers can break, open… So we must be extremely careful with them and give them the maintenance they deserve.

How to style a natural hair wig?

If there is an advantage that natural hair wigs offer over synthetic hair, it is that they can be styled and shaped with heat tools in all cases. Before washing it, however, we recommend only combing it, for which it is advisable to use a wide-toothed comb or flat or round brushes.

It will have to be done by placing the wig on a support and passing the brush from the roots to the tips. Although, if the wig is very tangled, it will be better to comb it from the ends to the roots, so that the hair breaks as little as possible. If you still have a hard time removing all the tangles, feel free to use an anti-tangle conditioner or spray.

How to wash a natural fiber wig?

In this case, the procedure to follow is very similar to that of synthetic wigs, since human hair is damaged if it is washed with hot water. Therefore, to clean it, you must submerge the wig in lukewarm or cold water, add soap and gently massage it down from roots to ends for a few minutes, repeating the step two more times if necessary.

What you do have to pay special attention to is the shampoo, which must be a neutral pH shampoo, to respect the hair of the wig. Next and after washing the wig, you have to apply a mask from the middle to the ends and leave it to act for 5 or 10 minutes, just as it is done on natural hair. It is not always necessary to carry out this step, since moisturizing a wig excessively can be as harmful as never moisturizing it.

The last step is to rinse the wig again, unless you use a leave-in moisturizer. Once this step is done, you have to remove the excess water with a towel and dry with light touches.

How to care for a synthetic wig and a natural wig pH neutral shampoo

How to dry a natural hair wig?

When we talk about natural hair wigs, be it done with a dryer or in the air, what is essential in all cases is to completely dry the base. Regarding the wig, it will be necessary to place it on a support and dry it with the dryer.

If you want to give it a specific style, it can also be done with this tool, although these wigs allow the use of other heat tools such as irons or tongs, always previously protecting the hair with a heat protector.

In fact, natural hair wigs lose their shape, unlike synthetic ones, after washing them, so just combing them is not enough to restore their appearance.

How to care for a synthetic wig and a natural wig

As you have seen throughout this article about how to care for a synthetic wig and a natural wig, having a wig that is always perfect means giving it all the necessary pampering and care. For this, you will need time, patience and also products to style your wig and wash it whenever necessary. A well-cared wig will not only improve your appearance by looking much more natural, but it will also have a much longer useful life.

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